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Photography Contests


So, after several months of hosting contests after I took a brief hiatus to become a mother I have realized a couple of things....   There are only really a handful of the same people taking part in the assignments.  There is a decreased number of entries.  My life is increasingly busier and more focuses on other things... mostly my daughter.  All of this means that the monthly photo assignments that I have been holding for over three years have slowly, but ever consistently, become more and more difficult to hold and keep up with.  Its actually become a chore, which means one thing to me...

Its time to call it quits.

My blog is not going anywhere, but I have decided that the photo assignments no longer hold the fun and enjoyment they used to for me.  Whether or not I will decide to hold them again is unknown at this point.  

To all those who have participated, especially over the years that I held these contests, thank you.  I hope that you'll continue to visit my blog.  

- Jen


fall path
by Godisgood.maggie96

Email me at vtcabinfever(at)hotmail(dot)com to claim your prize!


Mel said...

I'm sorry to see them go, but totally understand. I have been watching, but not participating for almost a year since the birth of my son. And barely have started taking pictures again besides snapshots in the last couple months. Being a mother is always number one. So although sad to see them go I support you and will continue to read your blog even though I don't always have, or take, the time to comment.

Mel said...

Oh, and congrats to the winner! That was my favorite one!

Kristin said...

:-) I pop in to check your blog about once a week now. I actually found your blog before I found your photo contest, and I will continue to stop by and comment as google allows me to!

Aaron Lindsey said...

I know how it is when the little ones enter the picture! My 'littlest' one is now 16 (and about 5 inches taller than me), but I do remember the time and attention they require, so I completely understand your decision.
My wife (Lori) and I have loved your contests and will miss them (they were more inspirational than you know!) but we will continue to follow your blog. You've been more than generous with your time and prizes. Thanks so much! And God bless you and your family.

Suzanne Mc said...

Jen, thank you so much for having hosted these photo contests. The assignments have really given my kids and I a goal to aim at, and we have learned to take better photos together. I understand completely how much of your time children require, but they are so worth it. My two kids are now 14 and 11 1/2. I can't tell you if I've gotten more or less busy as they have gotten older. Before long Emily will be wanting to pick up the camera, too. I'll keep up with your blog, without doubt.

Misty Dawn said...

I completely understand and commend you for what you have done. You're an amazing and inspirational person.

Nurkowy Arek said...

Mam pytanko do autora :) kupowałeś kiedyś sprzęt nurkowy w sklepie: - najlepszy sprzęt nurkowy? Co możesz powiedzieć o tym sklepie bo czytałem na internecie sporo dobrych opinii a jestem w trakcie wyboru sklepu:)

AmyBean said...

I read this when you first posted and didn't have time to comment. I totally understand, Jen. Good for you for prioritizing your life and letting go of the excess. I'll miss the contests, but I'm happy that you're doing what you need to do. :)

mail4rosey said...

That's a gorgeous picture.I can see why it won!

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