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 Northeast Kingdom Photography - by Jennifer Hannux

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Questions and Answers:
What is my photography about?
I am an avid outdoor photographer and aim to capture photographs that show the beauty that is the found in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  My photography is both tradition point and shoot and HDR.  Most of my photos are of landscapes, farms, sunsets, and seasonal scenes, but really I take photos of whatever strikes me as beautiful at the time.

What kind of camera and lens do I use?
Currently I use a Canon 7D with an 18-135mm lens that has an image stabilizer.  I also have a Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact-Macro Lens.  And a Canon 50mm prime lens 

Do I do portrait and photo sessions?
Yes. If you are interested in scheduling a portrait or event photography please send me an email to discuss it.

How long have I been taking photos?
I received my first tiny, little, reel-to-reel film camera, when I was five.  Immediately, I used up every roll of film I could get my hands on.  Every summer I enrolled in a week long photography class at a local summer camp.  When I was in high school I was given a Canon EOS 35mm film camera as a gift.  With that I dabbled in slide film and experimented with different ISO film types.  I also took a semester of photography and film development.  When I entered college I purchased a Canon digital rebel, which I still use regularly..  I've now delved into photography wholeheartedly. Most of what I know and do has been learned through observing other's work, experimenting, and reading.  In short, I've had a camera in my hands for about twenty years and have loved every minute of it. 

Do you have other questions?  Don't hesitate to ask.  I love and try my hardest to respond to every single email!

Thank You for taking time to visit my page!   
I hope you enjoy my photography.