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Inside The Cabin


My husband and I, along with our two dogs and a cat, moved from the middle of nowhere in the woods to civilization in the late fall of 2010.  Before, neither of us have ever known what its like to drive less than half an hour for groceries and an hour and a half to the nearest Wal-Mart.  We had to say a bitter sweet goodbye to our cabin for our careers, but are already making plans to squelch our literal Cabin Fever.  We've purchased land in Island Pond!  For now it sits empty, except for trees, but eventually we will be moving back to our mountainside up north.  In the mean time we are adjusting to having neighbors, sidewalks, paved roads, and pizza delivery.  Its amazing what civilization can bring you! 

I'm a woman of many hats:
Wife, nurse, student, emt, firefighter, photographer, snowmobiler, hunter, fisher, runner, and I just added another one.


Yes, I have a beautiful little girl who is teaching me more about myself than I ever imagined possible.  Motherhood is something that has quite a learning curve and poor Emily is along with me for the ride!  She is now entering toddler-hood, oh boy!

A short autobiography:
Originally I am from the great state of Maryland and came to Vermont in 2003 to go to college, so yes, I am a flat-lander at heart.  My reason for staying in Vermont beyond college was because I met my now husband at the local rescue squad.  He was once my boss.  Yes it was awkward and no there were not perks.  We bought a home together after only dating for eight months (to my mother's horror and worry).  A year after entering into a mortgage we were finally engaged and in the fall of 2008 offically tied the knot.  Now I am a Registered nurse after two long years of school while my husband is a paramedic and landed one of the rare jobs of being a professional firefighter in the State of Vermont.  Both of us work a combined total of eight jobs, not counting the volunteering we do, but we do somehow manage to see one another.  Now we are in the throws of parenthood and figuring out how to raise a little one whilst living our crazy busy lives.  Its actually going pretty well!  -- as you'll see from my posts. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Sit back, relax, and make yourself at home!  I love getting emails, especially questions about photography or even life in general.  Feel free to follow me too, that would be awful nice of you!  

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