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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It Starts With A Christmas Tree

I realize I am writing this on Christmas Eve and that my Christmas tree is now on its third week sitting in my living room, but I am okay with that.  At least its Christmas Eve and I have already wrapped and carefully placed everything under the tree.  My husband, well he can't say the same about his gifts as he sits in the other room wrapping at 10pm.  I don't feel the least bit bad... this is why I wrapped early and wrapped often!  

So, my Christmas tree.  

First of all, it is a real tree.  You bet your butt it is a real tree.  I know that many people, especially lately are resorting to fake trees.  They are packed up in boxes and bins, just like the ornaments that decorate them, and then tossed aside for another 11 months.  


I have to have a real tree. 


Well its certainly not to vacuum up the millions of pine needles that sprinkle my living room and manage to turn up in the middle of July, months after the tree has been disposed of.  Nor is it because I have to contort to weird positions every other day to fill its stand with water, all the while hoping to not to soak my floor.  Nope.  

The reason I get a real tree is mostly the fun of actually getting the tree.  

We actually make sort of an ordeal out of getting our Christmas tree, especially now that we live far away from our loyal Christmas Tree Farm.  Every year, for the fifth year now, we go to the same family Christmas Tree Farm in far northern New Hampshire.  It pretty much takes a whole day, because its about two hours away from where we live now, but its worth it.  

The day starts with an early drive up north.  We stop at a bargain department store where we shop for discount Christmas decorations, nic-nacks, wrapping paper, and such.  Then we mosey up to the farm before heading to my in-laws for a visit.  But, the tree farm is clearly the main attraction for the day.

As soon as we pull in the gentleman that runs the farm, which sits on several dozens of acres, drives a tractor with a wagon up to us.  "Hop on in and I will give you a ride to the top!" he exclaims in a cheery voice every single time.  Normally we walk, but this year we opted for a ride, because Emily is at that awkward stage where she is too big to carry and too small to hike up a landscape like that. 

Once we reached the top of the hill the view was great, but the wind was COLD.  The Christmas Tree Farmer dropped us off and went to turn the wagon and tractor around - which is pretty hard amongst a grove of Christmas trees.  

In the time that it took the Christmas Tree Farmer to pull a u-turn we managed to find our tree.  Shawn promptly cut it down as Emily supervised.  We saw in the distance another couple looking for a tree.  On the way down the Christmas Tree Farmer shared with us that they had been up there almost an hour looking for a tree.  It was about twenty degrees with a stiff 15mph north wind, too cold to be up there longer than the two minutes it took us to find a tree.  And in reality, there are many great trees to choose from there.... no way it should take anyone an hour!  

So down we went, tree in our possession, freezing our buns off.  We were rewarded for our cold journey with warm hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes, without cost, at the bottom of the hill in the Christmas Tree Farmer's warm garage that's heated by a behemoth of a wood stove.  Sufficiently warm, toasty, and stuffed with snacks we then left the Christmas Tree Farm and headed to visit our nearby family.  Another year continuing a cool tradition.  

Now the tree is decorated and an visit from Santa is pending, any moment now.  Emily is snug in her bed and I am beyond excited for tomorrow, almost as excited as I was for Christmas as a little kid.  There is a special awesomeness to becoming a parent at Christmastime.  

And it all starts with a Christmas Tree.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Merry

Ok. I suck at blogging now. A lot. It's just fallen out of my regular routine. So much else is going on that I never seem to be able to sit down and finish a post!  I actually think there are three or four posts for November I started and never published. 


But, life rolls on full of good things. I never had a chance to write about it, but I did decide to significantly cut back my work obligations. My whole life I have worked A LOT and I really never knew how to do anything else, especially sit still at home several days in a row with a baby. For the first two years of Emily's life Shawn and I juggled a huge amount of jobs and responsibilities between us. That meant Emily often was in daycare and rarely ever saw both Shawn and I together when she was at home. It was not what I envisioned for our family and parenting when we added Emily to our lives. So, I cut back. A lot. And it's been the best decision I've ever made.  So you'd think that in my reduction of responsibilities outside my home that I would have time to blog more, but that hasn't panned out as of yet. This is a busy time of year anyway.... Hunting season, holidays, and preparing for winter. 

I am most excited for the holidays, though. This is the first year where Emily will have a clue what's going on. That means I can begin the introduction of Santa and all the magic that goes with Christmas for little kids. Let me tell you, it is beyond fun. I am just so glad I have made time to truly enjoy it and see Emily blossom with excitement. 

Things are just so Merry Merry all the way around that I can't stand it. It's awesome to be able to sit on my couch almost every night, Emily just fallen asleep, and reflect in how lucky I am. Man, am I thankful.