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Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Snow

There is always something special about the first snow. Even in a place like Vermont where it snows at least five months out of the year the first real snow still fills your stomach with butterflies. 

I woke up this morning to a wet damp ground. The sun had just risen and in that moment of golden light any trace of snow in our yard had vanished. Shawn called me from working telling me how gorgeous of a morning it was and that I should venture out with Emily and the camera. 

I'm glad I took his advice. 

Just a few miles away, up a little in elevation, snow began to reappear on the ground. It accumulated quickly and by the top of one of the picturesque hillsides in town fall had officially transformed into winter.  So, naturally I spent the next couple of hours in search of higher, chilly elevations where the early snows still clung. 

It was also a great test of my snow tires, which so far worked great 

The trouble with first snows, though, is that they don't last long. Before mid-morning it was all gone, even in the highest hills and coldest towns. Emily and I headed back home to enjoy a lazy Sunday, pleased with our early adventures. There is just always something special about catching that real first snow, even if its just for a few moments.