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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bad Time Bath Time

A year ago bath time was fun. We had graduated from the sink to the tub and everything was just grand. Splashing, playing, giggling - those were all things that encompassed bath time. Now, well, now bath time looks a lot like this...

That's a very unhappy baby right there....

For no apparent reason, and with no traumatic even to prompt it, she has developed a significant fear of the bath tub. Literally getting a bath has become an all out scream fest the entire time.  

Actually, occasionally she will calm down at the very end of her bath, enough to play a little. She will then quickly exclaim "all done!" and demand to be taken out of the bath. 

I am at a loss what to do about this. She cries and screams and hates getting a bath so much that I hate giving her one - of course I still do and hide my resentment so she only sees a mom who is enthusiastic about bath time!  Most of the time my enthusiasm has little to no effect on her.  Toys and encouraging her to play doesn't sway her. Singing and laughing only causes her to scream at me. And once I tried using the shower instead of a tub bath. That was a horrible horrible idea.  Ugh.... I appear to be no match for this newfound fear of bath time and water in general.  

Have you ever dealt with a sudden irrational fear in your child? An aversion to bath time or water? I need some tips on how to help get her through this and make bath time, and water in general, enjoyable again! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


My my....

Time has flown by

So much so I honestly forget to update or start updating and never complete a post. It's what happens when you have so many facets of life blossoming at once. From my career at the hospital to EMS, my photography, and even contemplating going back to the nursing home to help out (yes I know I said I wouldn't go back) everything is going wonderfully. 

And then there is Emily.

Who is as much of a toddler as they come...

Actually, today she is TWO!! 

That's right, two whole years since motherhood began for me. I am loving it. Absolutely loving every snotty nosed, tantrum tossing, cute face, and silly sentence filled moment. However, if anyone led you to believe that once a baby becomes a toddler things get easier they misinformed you. Sure, she can feed herself (if she chooses to eat what you took time to prepare that particular meal), but now your chasing, reasoning, and learning patience at a whole new level. It's still a challenge, just a different kind of one than infancy. 

In all honesty my biggest challenge isn't Emily herself, but making time for Emily.  The hours of my hospital job overlaps with my husband's hours at the fire station at times. While I knew the overlap would happen I under estimated how often and it's affect on Emily.  There are some days where she is at daycare all day and then a friends house after daycare until I get home late in the evening. Sometimes I go two or three or even more days without seeing her awake - because she's asleep when I have to leave for work in the morning and asleep when I get home.  You can see the confusion and frustration in her face sometimes and it kills me. Seriously, nothing is worse than feeling like you are letting your baby down. 

So, in October I will be going part time at the hospital.  I'll be continuing my part time EMS career and am considering a day a week at the nursing home, but those hours are not as long and overlapping as the hospital. While I am LOVING my job at the hospital (more on that later) I love Emily a thousand times more and need to make the change.  

That's all part of modern day motherhood - balancing career and children. It's even harder when your husband is a firefighter who will never work a 9-5 or have weekends and holidays off. It's been two amazing years and I am still learning how to make everything balanced so I am happy, and most of all Emily is happy. 

I think we are getting there.