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Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Types of People

Today was a typical spring day in Vermont. The day was spotted with rain showers and fluctuating temperatures. Leaves have budded and sprouted into nearly their summer sized form. Blossoms and spring flowers fill the air with a sweet fragrance that wafts everywhere.

Shawn and I were leaving an office building where we had just had a little lunch with a few friends, pizza and cake for EMS week. As we left the building we passed several large lilac bushes that were full to the brim with deep purple blooms that smelled better than any fragrance Yankee candle could hope to imitate. I stopped to pick a couple blossoms. It was a spur of the moment decision, to grab a couple beautiful blossoms and bring them home to fill my kitchen with their lovely scent. Moments after I picked them, as we neared out car in the parking lot, a skinny, tall man wearing glasses approached me.

"Miss! Oh, miss!" He yelled after me. I spun around to meet his beady gaze.

"How dare you pick our flowers? How dare you? Who does that? You can't pick our flowers".

I stood there stunned and reeling with a half dozen responses, none of which would have been tactful. It perplexed me how this man had taken so much effort to confront me. He stopped what he was doing, came outside, tracked me down in the parking lot, and scolded me. That takes a lot of effort and the fact that someone would do so amazed me.

I just chuckled, turned back around, and kept walking to my car. When I glanced back the beady looking man shook his head and walked back inside. "It didn't hurt the tree!" I said back, my only retort. If I had been on my game I would have walked right up to him and handed him the flowers while saying "here, you have them then" as he scolded me, but alas I wasn't that brazen.

Now the flowers are occupying a nice little vase in my kitchen. The story behind their procurement is also giving me a slight bit more enjoyment from them as well.

So, you just need to ask yourself on question....

Are you the type of person that picks flowers or the type of person that scolds those who do?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

4:30 AM

I woke myself and my daughter up well before the sun, which is very early this time of year!  We hit the highway and headed north, watching the sky go from navy to baby blue to pink to glowing yellow.  As I pulled into the empty parking lot at one of my most favorite places, Lake Willoughby, Emily kept yelling "water, water!"  I swept her up from her car seat and we headed down the deserted sands just as the sun was making its way down the mountain side.  With my camera in hand I started snapping away at the always amazing landscape that surrounded me and Emily sat on a log and stared at the vast expanse of lake and mountains before her.  It was quite the thought provoking and photogenic moment apparently.

I wonder what Emily will think of all these poignant photos that I've taken of her as she grows up?  My hopes are that she will appreciate the look into the years that she can't remember with awe and admiration. 

And onto what the heck else has been going on the last month...  Goodness its been almost a month since I have updated this thing?!  I have been mentally thinking 'I'll share this on my blog' and 'Oh, that will make a good post', but then I somehow end up never opening my laptop and sitting down to type my thoughts.  Before you know it three days, a week, or four have passed and what I was going to write about now seems irrelevant. Mostly I've been working, taking lots of photos, doing the occasional ambulance shift, playing with Emily, yard work, and I somehow got caught up recently in that stupid game Candy Crush.  The past three or four weeks have just flown by....