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Monday, February 25, 2013

Almost a Month?

Have I really only posted once this entire month?  Holy jeez...  I feel so busy and distracted that I can't believe its practically March.  Its almost spring!  Heck, I am almost a twenty-eight.  

Thirty is creeping up on me...

But yes my life has been even more hectic than normal.  We are amidst a kitchen remodel.  I have a lot of really cool projects going on right now too, but I can't elaborate on them yet.... but in due time I will.  All those things have made my life a lot busier than normal.  To top it all off every single one of my professional certifications from nursing to EMS expires at the end of this coming month so I am working on getting all that paperwork completed. 

I can't lie and say that I haven't decided to just put the laptop down and play with Emily instead or perhaps go out and take photos.  Its done me good to take a couple breaks when I can. Also, Shawn and I are going to Boston overnight (baby-less, too!) for my Birthday in a couple weeks.  I am very excited.  My last trip to Boston was a ton of fun and we were only there for a few hours and a hockey game.  If anyone has any 'must see' places or 'must eat' restaurants to hit please don't hesitate to share!

Meanwhile, I'll share some photos from the last few weeks from my various treks with my camera.  It hasn't been much of a winter here.  The snow is lacking significantly, but I have been able to find a few beautiful places at beautiful moments and capture them!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ray of Sunshine

My little ray of sunshine is seventeen months old today!  That's almost a year and a half.  She's also getting old enough where referring to her age in months rather than years is more confusing than effective. 

See, doesn't she exude happiness?

Actually, that's how she's been a lot lately.  Her toddler mood swings have bordered on extreme lately.  We've had all out meltdowns for zero determinable reason to my knowledge where I just let her pile up and cry out her frustrations at toddler-hood.  She gets mad because she doesn't have her sippy cup, because I hand her the sippy cup, because she is holding the sippy cup.   You get the idea.  She just gets mad about everything. 

When she reaches an impass or has a problem, like say climbing up onto the couch (which she can't do without help), she will get mad and cry.  I know darn well she is crying, because until now its served as an efficient way to communicate her needs and wants her entire life.  Now that she is more mobile, able to "verbalize" things, and developing more complex wants beyond food and comfort crying doesn't suffice anymore.  That has her more pissed off than ever.  She doesn't always get what she wants, like putting her books in the toilet or climbing into the picture window, and Emily just hasn't figured out how to handle that. 

I'm worried that since she is reacting to challenges and frustrations with crying and anger that will be her coping mechanism later in life.  I don't want her to be quick to become irritated, but rather think about solutions to her problems or alternatives.  When she does become upset I actually get down on the floor with her and sit, calmly, and ask her what else she could do to overcome her problem.  Sometimes she just continues to wail and I give in and pick her up, consoling her as she's expected her entire life.  Other times she lets me help her sort through her toddler problem and she runs off as if a tantrum never happened. 

Either way... I am learning patience at a whole new level and my little ray of sunshine is discovering that sometimes life is hard.  You can't always put your toy ambulance in the refrigerator.  Sorry Emily.