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Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Merry

Ok. I suck at blogging now. A lot. It's just fallen out of my regular routine. So much else is going on that I never seem to be able to sit down and finish a post!  I actually think there are three or four posts for November I started and never published. 


But, life rolls on full of good things. I never had a chance to write about it, but I did decide to significantly cut back my work obligations. My whole life I have worked A LOT and I really never knew how to do anything else, especially sit still at home several days in a row with a baby. For the first two years of Emily's life Shawn and I juggled a huge amount of jobs and responsibilities between us. That meant Emily often was in daycare and rarely ever saw both Shawn and I together when she was at home. It was not what I envisioned for our family and parenting when we added Emily to our lives. So, I cut back. A lot. And it's been the best decision I've ever made.  So you'd think that in my reduction of responsibilities outside my home that I would have time to blog more, but that hasn't panned out as of yet. This is a busy time of year anyway.... Hunting season, holidays, and preparing for winter. 

I am most excited for the holidays, though. This is the first year where Emily will have a clue what's going on. That means I can begin the introduction of Santa and all the magic that goes with Christmas for little kids. Let me tell you, it is beyond fun. I am just so glad I have made time to truly enjoy it and see Emily blossom with excitement. 

Things are just so Merry Merry all the way around that I can't stand it. It's awesome to be able to sit on my couch almost every night, Emily just fallen asleep, and reflect in how lucky I am. Man, am I thankful. 


Judy said...

Good move, they're only young for a short time. Your timing is good too, you'll have time to do Christmas just right, making memories.

sbrenneman said...

Hurray for you (and Emily & Shawn). Even though I know you do not post often, I check your blog for updates often each week. Can I suggest Thursday evening after Emily is in bed for the night for blogging, lol. Merry Christmas.

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