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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


One of the things that I always try and do with Emily every single day is something fun, an adventure, almost always outdoors. Not only is it fun for her, but it inspires me to be both active and creative. Some days our adventures are a walk to the river, park, or maybe a hike up a nearby mountain. Other days its a trip to hunting camp or four wheeling on our land. Then there are days like today where we just abandon state and head somewhere crazy, like today, where we ended up on the coast of New Hampshire. 

We ended up at a state park called Odiorne State Park, which is basically a long stretch of rocky coast near the state line between New Hampshire and Maine. There was a playground, nature trails, and even a science center right there (although we didn't visit the science center, because we decided against the entry fee).  The park was free, not even remotely crowded, and so much fun. 

We walked all over.

We climbed rocks. 

We collected shells and counted snails

We played on the playground 

And we sat and took in the awesome landscape as the mild ocean breeze swept over us. 

Yeah, it was awesome. 

I am beginning to see the effects of such adventures molding Emily. She is loving the outdoors, continually adventurous, and very inquisitive, explorative of her surroundings. Everyday when I dream up what we will do next she yells with excitement.  Her reaction just inspires me to think of more fun adventures. 

And the best part is that I spend little to no money on these days out. Besides gas the trip to Odiorne State Park was entirely free.  To make the drive worth it I tied it together with some early Christmas shopping (no crowds and there are seasonal sales and clearances happening right now to make room for new Christmastime inventory!).  So, the day was a huge win. As for tomorrow, besides an "adventure" to the grocery store I will have to dream up something fun to do next! 


Vicky Lynn said...

Loved the pics! You are building such a great treasure trove of memories for your family. I look forward to reading about them all. :)

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