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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Camera

I rarely leave the home or go anywhere without a camera of some sorts.  Its not normal, really.  I have a compulsion to take a photo of everything.  Currently I have over 2,000 images on my phone and those are just from the last six  months.  Whether I keep the photos I take or just delete them a time later I love taking them and then looking at them later.  Sometimes I capture moments I had forgotten and am glad I have that one random photo to trigger a memory.

Emily, on the other hand, HATES the camera.  When I say hate I mean screaming, throwing a fit, yelling No! and refusing to smile.  Ever.  It has become so increasingly hard to get photos of her that I have not taken hardly any "legitimate" nice photos of Emily in months.  She simply won't allow it and I have not devised a way to coax even the smallest smile out of her.  When I try and sneak up on her playing she knows it and instantly stops and protests.  Its tortuous to me.  There's nothing more I want than tons of smiling adorable photos of my baby girl and she won't allow it.  

Disliking the camera, but rocking her zebra rain boots. 

I've tried giving her the camera, sitting with her while I take photos of different things, being funny, being quiet and pleading.  Nothing works.  Nothing can rouse a smile.  Hopefully that will change, because it will be a long and disagreeable childhood for her if she hates the camera that much.  


Anonymous said...

We had the same problem with our son, we ended up just giving up and respecting his wishes. Some kids just don't like cameras I guess, the therapist said it was a sign of high self-esteem for children to not like having their picture taken.

laraine said...

Have you tried hanging something from your camera that might make her laugh? I've been known to hang stuffed animals from the lens or rattle toys (if shooting a very young child). I've also stuck little toys the to top of the camera just to make kids laugh.

Some of the other things I do is tell them NOT to smile. Show me your meanest face, etc... This may not work with Emily, but I will also ask kids if they can see my eye through the lens. It makes them look straight at you.

A New England Life said...

Oh my goodness, how did Emily get so big! Wish I could help with the camera issue. Both of my girls were always hams for the camera. In fact my older daughter was over dramatic every time I took her picture. It drove me crazy!

Pamela in Vt said...

Maybe you could use a remote and take a picture of the TWO of you together either posing or while doing things to help acclimate her to the idea of it not taking your attention away from her but being WITH her...?

Kristin said...

Off topic. But her hair is so precious and adorable!!

janel said...

It can be a trap, but bribes work wonders...really truly!

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