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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Its going to rain.  A lot.  The weathermen have been talking about it for days.  Now my husband and his coworkers may even be staging in other parts of the state just in case flooding becomes severe in certain areas and help/rescue is needed.  Me, I am at home with Emily on my "weekend" off before a long stretch of four 12 hour shifts in a row.  Yuck.  

Even more yuck is the weather forecast for the next week...

But, I am making the most of the dry weather and time with Emily while I have it.  Then it can rain all it wants while I am working! 

Emily seems to have this attraction to water.  Whether its a puddle or a river or the bathtub she loves to exclaim - water! and points frantically at whatever body of water she happens to see.  She gets excited the closer we get to water, that is until I get ready to put her down.  For as much as she loves to talk about and see water she doesn't want to be near it at all unless she's safe in someone's arms.  That is a challenge, because both Shawn and I love to do things on the water. 

This is her first summer where she can walk and run and go places on her own willpower so undoubtedly seeing water up close is scary.  But, I want her to feel safe and happy to be at the water's edge.  I've tried a lot of different tactics to get her to enjoy the water and finally, finally, have been successful.  Bringing her close and then setting her down failed.  Holding her and having the both of us get near the water together scared her.  She  even hated knowing I was approaching the water while holding her.  

Eventually I decided to just put her down a safe distance away and then walk to the water myself.  Smiling and acting as if I was having fun I'd periodically glance back at her.  Before I knew it she had slowly creeped up to my side.  Soon she was smiling and  throwing rocks into the river.  She just had to come to terms with water on her own. 


Kristin said...

Such a beautiful photo of her by the water! I wish my kids were a little more timid about the water. But no. They run for it without fear. Leaving me terrified. :-)

Michael said...

Hello Jen, that is a great plan, on her own terms, love it! This (your blog) is a great place, very refreshing to read about the simple things in life described so eloquently. I don't do as much reading as I used to but it it great to know old blog friends are still around, and doing well. Congratulations on all you have accomplished.

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