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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Days

I have two days left.

Just two days.

It seems such a short period of time and I am not really sure how I will react when I have to pack up everything.  All the photos have to come down.  I am hoping I won't need a box.  That will just make it more sad and final.  Seeing the look on everyone's faces isn't going to be easy either.  There are a lot of people who are sad about this. 

What exactly am I talking about?

I am getting a new job!  That is the big news that has been brewing the last couple of weeks.  Now my last day at the nursing home is just two days away and I am feeling the bittersweet angst of new beginnings, new opportunities, but friendships and familiar faces fading away. 

So, what is this new job?

Finally, after a couple of years sitting, waiting, and scoping out various nursing career paths I've made the jump into acute care.  I'll be working at a rural hospital on the medical surgical floor and then transitioning into the ICU and ER once I gain some footing and experience.  I sincerely miss the hands on, clinical aspect of nursing care.  I miss the challenges that I had in my clinical experience when I was in school.  Plus, I am under the complete realization that I need a solid foundation in medical/surgical nursing before I'll ever be able or qualified to move into anything critical care or emergency related.  

One step at a time.  I'll reach my goal someday. 

And some of you are probably wondering why I am choosing to leave my comfortable nine to five, no weekend management job for one that's further away, with weekend and holiday requirements.  Well, one of the reasons is that its more in line with what type of nurse I am and in the direction that I have always said I wanted to go.  When I sat down in my seat on my first day of nursing school my teacher asked us to draw a picture of what kind of nurse we each wanted to be.  I drew an ambulance at a hospital and an emergency room.  I haven't lost sight of that and this is just another step in the journey.  

Well, in two days I will say goodbye to my friends, coworkers, and patients that I have seen almost more than my family for the last two years.  While I will still be per diem there its not the same.  I'll be out of the loop, there only occasionally, and faces will become unfamiliar.  I've been treated like a family member there, for the most part, and its going to be hard to sever that relationship, but ultimately its the best decision for me, my family, and my career.  

Wish me luck!! 


Sara said...

Good luck and how exciting! It's always exciting when you get to complete a step that will move you to your goals! :)

kristine barr said...

As a nurse who is about to retire, I recognize your thoughts. Good luck with your new aspiring position!

Stephanie said...

You inspire me to achieve more :) Thank you!!!

Stella said...

I always felt every Nurse needs that "gut level hospital experience" to start a career. Good luck to you and your great goals. It will be harder having children with the 12 hr. shifts however. My best to you. Stella RN

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. You have a lot of determination and you will do well. Nurses with experience such as yours make the best nurse managers and supervisors. I'm at the City of Hope which for a big cancer hospital and research facility is in a small town in a suberb of Los Angeles. However, they hire the best staff and they travel a long distance to work here. God will send you to the place where you will do the most good. Bless you.

Solomon's Porch said...

More than luck....I wish you blessings on the next step of your journey...thanks for letting me be a part of it.....ou've worked very hard

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