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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sugaring and Sweet

It's become a tradition every spring. A Captain on Shawn's department has a long lived family history in sugaring. They have a nice sugar house off in the mountains of central Vermont. Since we moved a few years ago we have made a visit while the guys are sugaring. Nothing beats an evening spent shooting the bull inside the steamy, damp sugar house while the sweet smell of boiling sap fills the air.

This year the sugaring has been much better and much longer. They have been boiling fancy grade syrup much of the year. I'm a fan of B grade actually. The thicker, darker stuff just is so much more rich and smooth in my opinion. In case you've never heard about maple syrup you can visit this website to learn more!

Maybe next year Emily will be able to actually help! This year she kept looking at her reflecting in the shiny steep of the arch (the metal system they boil sap in) and pointing at it saying "hot!" Oh, and we didn't get any fresh syrup this time, because they had just started boiling that evening and none was ready yet when we visited. There's always next spring!


Rachel said...

Someone on our street has been boiling quite a bit the past few weeks, I love that as I drive home the smell of maple syrup fills my car! He however, has a much smaller and more old fashion operation, that one looks quite impressive!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Interesting to see how it's done! My only knowledge of the syrup making process comes from an episode of Caillou! And by the way, congratulations on the new job!!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Oh I miss this SO much! Fresh syrup right out of the evaporator is the best. There's nothing like it.

kittyhere said...

Been a while since I have checked out your blog. Both you and Emily are looking great. You can keep the grade B syrup, fresh Fancy for me please.

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