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Friday, March 22, 2013


I've taken almost two weeks off from work in the transition from one job to another.  I haven't had this much time off since maternity leave and I was so sleep deprived that I don't even remember much of those few weeks.  This time I am rested and have even (gasp) had a few days where I have stayed home and still taken Emily to daycare.  Its been amazing.  Its been peaceful.  

I've rediscovered daytime television.  I've also done things I haven't done in months, like gotten a hair cut and scrub the bathroom floor by hand.  

I live an exciting life, don't I?

All the stress has seemed to lift off my shoulders.  It literally has melted away and my mood has improved dramatically.  I haven't even done anything particularly special and I just feel so darned happy.  Maybe catching up on everything I haven't been able to is the reason, or spending extra time with Shawn and Emily, or maybe its not having the responsibilities of my former job. 

Actually, I have accomplished quite a bit.  All my EMT licenses have been renewed for another two years - all three of them that I have to keep current.  I've even managed to transition to the new Advanced EMT level is replacing my existing certification level known as "Intermediate".  I'm one of just over 2,000 in the country that has done the transition so far and I am glad to have that out of the way.  Also, I've spent a great deal of time photographing things.  The snow storm we had earlier this week was perfect for pictures.  Its the first time in two years where I haven't been working during a storm and could spend a large portion of time just meandering in my car, without Emily, taking photos.  Pure bliss.  

Pure Bliss.


sbrenneman said...

Awesome. Will be great to see your photos and hear about your new job as well as your sweet daughter and her emerging personality and antics.

Solomon's Porch said...

You needed a break...."A Refreshing" everyone of us need to try and take a little time to take care of us.....looking forward to the new pictures.....

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