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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Year and a Half

Happy Half Birthday to my cute, mischievous, funny, adorable, loving, energetic, smiling, tantrum-throwing, high five giving, amazing little girl.  ...who looks no less than five years old in this photo! 

 I can't believe Emily is halfway to two.  She even says "two" perfectly now and is working on showing me two fingers when she says the word.  My, she is getting big.  The tantrums are still going strong and I am finding it hard to deal with them at times.  She can drag them out even if I ignore them and its hard to resist picking her up or giving her what she wants.  Emily has her mama's persistence for sure....  But I never realized, despite the meltdowns, that is was possible to love a person so much.  Its cliche, of course, but honestly I well up with happiness thinking of her.  When she runs and yells as I come through the door after work I beam with pride.  I know one day she will probably run away, yelling, telling me how horrible of a person I am.   Teenage girls are mean.  I know... I was one.  My hopes are to store up enough sweet moments to draw off of when she's going through less than loving phases. 

Also, there have been SEVERAL awesome things that have happened in the last two weeks.  Some of you probably know about them (if you're friends with me in real life).  There are some big changes coming and both Shawn and I are very excited.  I will eliminate one guess right away -- Emily is not going to be a big sister -- no no... so sorry.   But, I will have a lot more time starting in the near future to blog about it! 


Fire Wife Katie said...

She has the sweetest eyes! And how exciting about your big changes, can't wait to hear what's going on!!

HickChickBritt said...

Oh my she is a doll! Can't wait to find out your big news!

Little Wife said...

Wow! What a sweet-looking little girl! She's gotten so big!

msam said...

Aren't we just praying that your daughter and any future kid I have don't do unto us what we did unto our parents! omg...

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