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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Car Problems

Don't let the title throw you off.  I absolutely love my new car.  Its amazing.  It warms up in an instant.  Its comfortable.  And its nice.  But, its a very high tech car and it was its amazing computerization that led me to miss out on something cool the other day...

On my very short, one mile drive to work I get to listen to approximately two minutes of the radio.  During those two minutes every weekday they play an audio clip and listeners are suppose to call in and guess what movie the audio clip is from.  Since I hear the clips every day and since I have a baby and sit at home watching movies frequently I have called in and won twice in the last few months.  They always give away pizza and movie tickets.  However, the last couple of weeks they have really upped the ante on prizes.  They've been giving away a pair of ski passes every morning!

Now, I don't ski.  

At all.

I actually ended up as a patient in an ambulance with a severely sprained ankle that still has some weakness from the last time when I tried skiing. 

But, I am never one to let an injury or my irrational fear get me down, especially if its free.  That's my four letter word.  So, for the last three weeks I have been intently listening to every audio clip every morning in hopes of recognizing it and being the first one to call in.

After weeks of not even recognizing a single movie (they had picked obscure clips since the prizes were much more expensive than normal) I finally recognized one the other day.  It was a small, short line from the moving Being John Malkovich.  Excitedly I dialed the radio station and my phone connected immediately just as I put the car into park at work.  

This is where everything went awry...

To my horror the radio DJs voice blared over the car speakers as my phone, in its high tech automatic way, synced to my car's audio system.  One would think its a very handy thing, to have your phone automatically sync and blare your calls through the speakers except that it mutes your voice until you acknowledge that you want to speak openly in the car rather then into your phone.  Since my voice was muted the DJ said "hello?  hello?!" and then quickly hung up before I could even register how to unmute my fancy car phone.

The one time I knew the answer and got through my extra-fancy car was too high tech for me and blew my chances at getting ski passes.  Talk about 'first world problems'....  

And I have not recognized any movie sound clips ever since that moment either.  It figures. 


Joseph Cleveland said...

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