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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Big Suprise

My husband has never been the big romantic type.  I think I can count on one hand the time he has surprised me with flowers.  Occasionally he'll surprise me with my favorite French Onion Soup for lunch at work or bring home a little snack for me that he knows I'll love, but most of the time he is just as plain as can be when it comes to surprises and suspense.  That's just who he is and I am okay with that.  

Plus, I am a hard person to surprise.  With our crazy schedule and my (more than slightly) OCD personality I don't make it easy for him to whip out something unexpected to make me swoon.  

But today Shawn outdid himself.  

And I mean really outdid himself!  

My work days, especially lately, have been beyond hectic.  There is a lot going on and a lot constantly changing and much of my day is spent trying to stay caught up.  Mostly you can blame the fact that I have been given charge of the schedule for the nursing department.  While my personality lends itself for such a task it is incredibly stressful of late.  Over the last couple of weeks I've frequently stayed after work well after my normal end of business time and come in early.  Getting groceries has even been a challenge this week.  

Shawn was already being amazing enough, cleaning the house, cleaning out my car, and even making dinner when he hasn't been working.  Then today at work, late in the afternoon, Shawn randomly appeared in the hallway at work.  He was grinning and said "I need you to come outside for a minute."  I had no idea what he was talking about and began to follow him.  

Moments later we were outside and a new car appeared into view.  Shawn ushered me to get in.  I was stunned.  "A test drive?"  I asked him as I was overwhelmed by the smooth leather seats and glowing digital display.  It was way more car than I have ever had the privilege of sitting in before. 

"Nope.  This is yours"

I was stunned.  Mine?  This is mine?  As the words rang in my head I wondered where my old car was.  Shawn explained he had spent three days wheeling and dealing with this car, cleaning out my old car, and making the trade.  It was already done, finished, and wrapped up.  The car was mine to drive away when my work day ended. 

The car was everything I could have ever wanted.  Heated seats, leather, hands free phone, digital displays, heck it even has mood lighting!  I drove it gingerly around the block and parked it.  There were just so many buttons and options that I sat and looked at them, wondering over all the options my car possessed. 

To make the whole surprise even better Shawn informed me that when they connected my old car to the computer while he was making the trade it indicated that my transmission was shot.  Over the last nine months I had taken my car to the dealer complaining that I thought something was wrong with the transmission three times.  It just wasn't shifting right, not even since a couple months after I purchased it.  Each time they hooked it up to the computer they said the transmission was fine.  The third time they flushed the transmission just to appease me, but it still didn't shift right.  Now the dealer where my new car came from said not to worry and they would deal with the other dealership that was clearly neglectful.  So, I was unknowingly saved from a dangerous car as well. 
In the driveway once I got home from work!
Now, this just goes to show that sometimes the type of relationship where you don't always get dozens of roses and boxes of candy ends up being the one where the surprises are just a million times more thought out and meaningful.  I'm one lucky woman...


Wyatt's Momma said...

Way to go husband! How thoughtful! Love the new car!

Hydrant girl said...

Awesome! What will you name it? (sorry if this is a duplicate comment)

Kristin said...

That is fantastic! Your husband did an excellent job!!!

Solomon's Porch said...

Oh,how nice and I love the car.....good job Shawn........sweet hubby's can make the world a whole lot easier......

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