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Monday, November 26, 2012

Play Time is Becoming more Fun

Now that Emily is officially walking playtime has taken on a whole new aspect of its own.  Its gotten a lot more fun.  There is running, laughing, chasing, hiding, and seeking.  She's developing one heck of a playful personality, too. 

I remember thinking fondly, even before I was pregnant, that I was going to one day take my baby to the park across the street -- how civilized to be able to just go across the street to a park complete with a playground?! -- and I would run and laugh and swing and slide with her.  Now, I have turned that fond thought into a reality.  While the swings were picked up for the winter and the she didn't quite understand the idea of the slide (or like the sudden drop down even the smallest ones) there was plenty of running and chasing. 

We ran around in the backyard before going to the park.

While I miss the tiny, cooing, and squeaky baby Emily once was I have to admit that every new milestone she reaches I enjoy more and more.  I keep thinking this part is better than the last every single time.  Pretty soon she'll be doing dance or gymnastics or softball and I'll be cheering and beaming with pride as she completes a somersault or rounds second base.  It just keeps becoming more fun...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where Halloween Isn't Just About Kids

In all honesty I forgot to take a lot of photos this Halloween. Knowing how attached I am that's very unusual, but really I was so focused on spending time with Emily and enjoying a fun night with her that I forgot to take many photos.

While most people go door to door through the neighborhood on Halloween there is a better place to go, in my opinion. I never would have thought of it either, but a nursing home is an amazing place to go for Halloween. The one I work at actually does a huge celebration for it. Decorations, spooky set ups, games, prizes, coloring contests, and a free bike raffle. All the residents get excited days in advance. Tons of candy is purchased. The night of Halloween they all sit outside their rooms doling out candy to all the children. I think that the older folks might even enjoy it more than the children!

What I tell people who ask where I'm going is that going to the nursing home is like going to sixty houses in one swoop. It's all lit, safe, an indoors. The added activities are a bonus. Not to mention, the resident's happiness. It's a win all the way around.

So, next year when you are planning out your route for trick-or-treating make sure it includes a nursing home. There is no better place to go!

And here are a few photos of this year's Halloween...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Deer Camp

Where have I been?  Heck, where haven't I been is a more appropriate question, at least if your frame of reference is the state of Vermont.  The past couple of weeks Shawn and I have been in the woods across a good chunk of the state, exploring land and looking for deer in anticipation of the long awaited rifle season.  I am a hunter, of sorts, anyway.

This past weekend Shawn and I spent three days at hunting camp.  Emily was there for part of it, but mostly we had a chance to spend time being adults without the worry of entertaining a toddler, changing diapers, and preparing meals that had nutritional value.  While no deer were harmed during the weekend (sadly - because my freezer is near empty) we managed to have a very good time.  Also, thrown into the last couple of weeks has been a visit from my mother and my father's 50th birthday. 

And when it comes to Emily, she is doing great.  She's walking as much, if not more, than she is crawling.  She spent one weekend with her mommom and the other with her nana.  She's one lucky baby to have such a loving family! 

So, here are some photos from the last couple of weeks from hanging out at home to hunting in the woods.