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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome Back?

So, I am back.

We all know how a work week is when you come back from vacation.  Its crazy.  Now imagine a work week coming back from vacation and immediately having to spend your entire week doing twelve hour days due to the annual state survey of your nursing home.  If you can't imagine what that is like let me explain it a little for you...  its about as stressful as you can imagine.  

But, survey is over.  

It went well.  

And now its Friday.  

Where did the week go?  

In all honesty I don't care, because after just one week like this one I already need a vacation.  Bless the Julian Calendar and United State's official holidays that this weekend is Labor Day weekend and I get one extra day of down time.  

If you can call a weekend packed with a concert, a house warming party, and a trip to the Champlain Valley Fair as down time.  Maybe somewhere in there I will be able to compose a few posts about the trip and a few other things I have been meaning to write about, but I have yet to barely sort through my photos or think about the things I can share, like how I learned about traveling with a toddler, getting sand everywhere, realizing I'm not half bad at golf, taking some amazing photos, petting a wild horse, becoming addicted to caramel popcorn, and finding time to run every single day of the week. 

Nothing beats running on the beach early in the morning, let me tell you.  

Now back in Vermont I do miss the beach, but my mom has already reserved another week at the insanely awesome condo where we stayed this year.  As my barely visible tan already begins to fade into the New England whiteness that I perpetually am the next 350 days cannot go fast enough. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Attempted Blogging

Trying to write a blog post while you're on vacation with an infant and your entire family is pretty darned impossible.  There's just too much going on, in a good way.  From the drive down, which was a whole adventure in and of itself, to days on the beach and nights eating out its been a grand time.  Fortunately for me its not quite over yet, either.  I have a couple more days to still forget about work and the responsibilities of everything else in Vermont. 

So, for now, here's a photo I took last night.  I'll have lots more to share when I return!  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”
― Aristotle

While my dog is a patient playmate with Emily I am waiting patiently for the days to pass by.  Shortly, by the weeks end, I will be on the way with my little family to visit my parents and sisters in Maryland!  Getting a week long reprieve from the busy grind at the nursing home is lovely enough, but to throw in a stay at the ocean in a very nice condominium with our own suite and I am ecstatic.  For the first time since I've been a working adult I am taking a week off of work!

Now, it'll also be my first vacation with a baby in tow, but for that I couldn't be more excited either.  I have an excuse to play in the tidal pools and build little sandcastles without looking silly! Meanwhile the preparation part seems daunting.  Bags to pack, equipment to bring, dogs to board, and a baby to keep occupied for the nine hour drive. 

But hey, if I can make the trip down to Maryland solo, 32 weeks pregnant last year and then solo with three month old for Thanksgiving then I think it'll be an easy challenge to surmount this time. 

If only the work week would HURRY UP!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Number Two

I don't know if other moms were faced with this same issue.  For some reason, now that Emily is approaching a year old, people are asking me quite frequently whether I am going to try for "number 2" anytime soon.   The whole question strikes me as odd.

Besides the obvious, "why would you ask someone that?" thought that runs through my head, I am often given bizarre looks when I hesitate to answer.  To be honest the thought of a second baby hasn't even really crossed my mind.  Emily requires a lot of energy and time.  I can't imagine the fatigue of pregnancy combined with raising a baby, working full time, fitting in prenatal appointments, and hauling back out my maternity clothes.  I'm celebrating fitting into all my pre-pregnancy clothes and feeling confident in a bikini again.  Thinking about gaining 50 pounds all over again makes me cringe.

Clearly, at least at this juncture, I am not in a place where a second baby is a desire of mine 

My answer is always the same...

"Maybe in a few years, like when Emily is in school"

And the replies are always the same...

"Maybe? You mean you might only have one?!"
"Oh, they won't be friends then, because the age difference is too great!"
"You'll just get rid of diapers and have to bring them back out."
"Just when Emily gets old enough to do fun things you'll have another baby to tote around"

Its as if everyone is persuading me to procreate, something I am definitely not ready for.  While I politely listen to their thoughts I really don't give any of their reasons a second thought.  Right now having one baby suits me just fine.  Call me selfish if you will, but I find with one baby I can still do all the things that I like to do, from hiking to taking photos, and take Emily with me.  Trying to picture doing everything with two Emilys just isn't possible.  I cherish the little balance of motherhood and adulthood I've cultivated.  

And besides...  is it just me or is that an odd question to ask?  One would think that in 2012 women are well beyond the "baby factory" days where it used to be expected that one child followed the other.  I don't have a field to tend or cows to milk so I don't need a gaggle of babies to help put food on the table.  These are different times, but I guess the stereotype still exists.  

Or maybe I just come in contact and hang around with old fashioned people.

Monday, August 6, 2012

11 Months

Let me take a moment to say one thing....

How the heck is my baby eleven whole months old?!  It seems like she was only so briefly a little sack of potatoes that squeaked when I carried her around.  Now she is a role-poly baby that has a bigger sense of adventure than Gulliver and his Travels.  

If I could describe Emily in one word at this juncture it would be "active".  Even when I hold her, which these days she does not prefer, she is wriggling and writhing as much as possible.  She is always on the go and into about everything she can manage.  Heck, she doesn't even go to bed without a fight and a good cry.  Its as if she is afraid to miss out on something and surrender to sleep.  I have no idea if such a high energy level is normal for a baby her age, but at least she has a sense of adventure!

Plus, she is miss social butterfly.  Talk, does that child talk.  Even when its just her and I on the hiking trail she is babbling away.  In the back of the car she talks at her toes.  When we are in the store she babbles at groceries and old ladies cooing at her alike.  Most of her words are nonsensical, but she is saying "Daddy", "Maaaa", and "Doggie".  She uses Daddy interchangeably with Shawn and I.  I only here "Maaaa" when she is not happy about something.

Now I need to start planning the one year birthday party!


I don't want to acknowledge that Emily is going to be a year old.  Just let me live in my denial forever, please.