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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend in the Woods

There's nothing I love more than time well spent outdoors.  This past weekend Shawn, Emily, and I got to do just that.  We went up north and had a great day up at "camp", our family's hunting camp.  Besides starting the wood stove and airing everything out we also rode 4 wheelers, went hunting, for long walks, sited in our rifles, and soaked in the unusually warm sun. 

I can't wait until hunting season begins in less than two weeks. 

Meanwhile, here are lots of photos from this weekend.  Enjoy!


Hydrant girl said...

Great pics, as always

Solomon's Porch said...

That Emily is getting so big.......beautiful place and pictures....

Dianne said...

Great photos! She looks like an outdoor girl for sure...and SOOOO cute!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Alright. I am amazed and a little stunned and this will be definitely off topic but I need to share. The second photo with the rocking chair... I have the same exact chair - it use to be my grandmothers (I'm from Berkshire, VT originally)! They had the furniture set and I refused to let her get rid of that rocking chair (even though I use to feel like I was going to fall backwards in it as a kid). Anyway, it's been reupholstered and has been with me thru college and was the only real piece of furniture that I brought with me to Texas. I guess it's more sentimental than anything but I've never seen another chair like it! Ah - what are the chances! Sorry for the random comment about a chair of all things but I found it slightly amusing!

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