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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vaccines Got Her Down

Its been a while since I've posted, but heck... its been a while since I've had my wits about me and my hands free of a sick/feverish baby to be able to type.  The last week has been filled with fevers, doctor visits, long nights, early mornings, and a lovely red rash.  Sounds fun, right?

It all began last Thursday.  Emily was happily eating dinner when she suddenly started crying and just wasn't acting right.  When I picked her up I knew something wasn't right.  She was burning up. When I checked her temperature it was over 102.  

My poor sick muffin.  She spent a lot of time on the couch and cuddling. 

To make a long story and a long weekend short we ended up in a cycle of high fevers, tylenol, motrin, cold baths, a worthless trip to the doctor, and researching Emily's fever with lack of symptoms online.  After a while Shawn and I were both frustrated and wondering what was going on with our baby girl.  She had no other symptoms, just a fever and it was too high to be related to teething.  Then... we knew what it was. 

Her MMR vaccine.  

Sure enough, Shawn researched the side effects of the vaccine and found that a week to a week and a half after the first MMR vaccination a child can develop a significant fever with no other symptoms.  The fever is then followed by a rash.  Right on cue the following day a horrendous rash developed, but her fever also broke.  

Disregard Emily's blinking.  She was happy her fever was gone and the rash didn't seem to bother her at all.
Fortunately the rash abated after three days and she is now back to herself.  No fever, no rash, no more reaction.  And for those who are still wondering the question I have been asked many many times in the last week; "are you going to continue vacinating Emily?".  The answer is yes.  

Emily's reaction is not an adverse reaction or an indication of an allergy.  It is just an indication of a sensitivity, meaning that her immune system is particularly keen and sensitive in its function.  Its a good thing... well not the fever, but that her immune system is that acute.  While I know that vaccinations is probably the second most contested topic among moms next to breast feeding I am not afraid to say I fully support it.  There are exceptions to everything, but I highly advocate for everyone to obtain their vaccinations, if not for themselves, but also for those around them who cannot have the vaccinations (like newborn babies, etc).  Sometimes vaccines aren't totally about providing immunity for yourself, but also providing contact immunity for others.  

Oh, and Emily is fine now.  Back to her normal, energetic, happy self.  Rash free. 


jillian said...

I am so glad you addressed the non vaccinating issue. Hope little Emily feels better!

Anonymous said...

We are a non vaccinating family and strongly encourage people NOT to do it.

~A said...

Oh no! That rash looks so angry! Glad that she's doing better. My younger sister is really sensitive to vaccines as well, and she's also super sensitive to anesthesia. If Emily ever needs her wisdom teeth out or anesthesia for any other reason (heaven forbid), you may want to look out for that, too!

Solomon's Porch said...

Sorry Em, hope your feeling better...and Jen I agree with you 100%...immunizations are so important...can't help but believe that is why we are seeing all the new cases of whooping cough...

Kristin said...

I get the vaccine question a lot because my oldest son is autistic. Yes, we vaccinate. Yes, we will continue to do so. And I get pretty grumpy when those who don't vaccinate make choices that interfere in my life. When my youngest was born, the pediatrician told me not to leave the house with him until he was old enough to get the whooping cough vaccine, because there was an outbreak among unvaccinated kids in my area. It was a long couple of months hunkering down with my newborn. I'm cool with whatever choices people make about their kids until it spills over and impacts my life. :-) Such a hot topic, like car seats and cloth diapers and c-sections. I'm glad you feel comfortable stating what you believe is right for your family, especially since I know you have the education to back it up! So glad Emily is feeling better!

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