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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not Going as Planned

Peak foliage has come early this year and despite a very dry summer it looks like its going to be a great year!  We've had loads of sunshine for weeks on end and finally the leaves decided they'd pop with color.  Unfortunately they decided to pop with color exactly when the weather decides we need to catch up on three months worth of clouds and rain.  

Its been cloudy and rainy since Friday.  The leaves have been peak since Friday.  I've made THREE trips up to the Northeast Kingdom so far.  Thank goodness I just got an oil change on my poor car.  

Unfortunately each time I've driven anywhere its been cut short by misting and heavy rain.  I may get in a few moments to photograph here and there, but its really dampened things.  The colors aren't as bright when its cloudy and when it rains I can't photograph at all outside of my car or some sort of shelter.  

This year I've prepped more than any and found ideal photo conditions exceedingly hard to come by.  There's not a full sunny day in the forecast for the next week either, but I am hoping that I'll see breaks this weekend when I'll have my next chance to make the big trip up north.  

Did I mention that working Monday through Friday doesn't make my efforts any easier?  Now that its too dark to take photos after around 6pm I am not able to get up north after work before the sunset.  I just have to wait until the weekend and knowing that I might miss the best day of foliage is driving me nuts.  

Does it sound like I'm neurotic about taking photos of the foliage? 

Well, if it does I don't care, because the photos I am getting are great... like this one of a lake in the middle of the Green Mountains.  

Or this one of a mountainside camp in the middle of nowhere in the Northeast Kingdom. 

So, I am getting some nice photos, but I really want a whole lot more.  Just after I took that last photo of the camp it began to pour.  It was also around forty degrees and I didn't have a jacket so I wasn't able to spend a lot of time relishing in the amazing colors.  

But, you see all that green in those photos?  I am hoping that this weekend the greens will be orange and yellow and red.  I am hoping that the existing leaves won't have completely fallen off from the wind and rain over the last week.  I am hoping that I'll see some sort of sunshine when I can finally make it back up to the Northeast Kingdom again.  

And there is good news.  While there is rain forecasted at times this weekend there is some snow forecasted for Saturday night in the mountains!  I may have a chance if the conditions are just right, to get some amazing foliage photos and snow photos at the same time!  Perhaps that will be my reward for my feeble attempt at being patient and waiting for the weekend to arrive. 


Rachel said...

We were in Vermont all weekend as well, and I was so disappointed that it rained all weekend, the Adirondacks were definitely at peak...but it was raining both times we drove through. I guess after a dry summer we are going to get a wet fall (and winter).

Solomon's Porch said...

Girl, I love your passion and look forward to the pictures....

kristine barr said...

I cant wait to see you snow scenes, as in California there is very little snow.

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