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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was sitting there on the couch.  We were at Shawn's parent's house the night before we planned to head to Maine.  Emily was with her "papa", Shawn's father, just standing  there with his support.  I glanced up and watched as he slowly released his support on her and Emily toddled out across the floor.  Not just one step, or two, but a good half dozen!

She walked!

I nearly cried from surprise and happiness.

Everyone cheered and she laughed when she finally succumbed to her awkward lack of balance and her butt hit the floor.  It was even better that she did it in front of her grandparents, aunt, uncle, and Shawn and I.  What a great moment for all of us to see.

I felt a pang of sadness that my own mother and father, who live far away, didn't get to see it.  They don't get to see a lot of things she does except in small, clustered visits.  So, I got down on the floor with Emily, armed myself with m camera, and tried to coax her to walk again.  I really really wanted to have proof to show my parents.

And guess what..

She did it again!

So, I have a video to share of her first steps!! -- well second, but close enough.

Its amazing to see her accomplish such big milestones and to think that I helped her reach them.  Now, I'm off to pad the corners of everything in my house before she figures out how to run...


Stella said...

Congratulations! Wonderful that you have a recording. Time goes so fast. I still haven't finished "Baby's 1st. Year" book and my son is 31.
Stella R.N.

Hydrant girl said...

Very cool that you caught it on tape!

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