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Monday, September 17, 2012

In the Running

Several weeks back I submitted a photo on the insistence of my mother to a beach photo contest in Ocean City, Maryland  -- where we vacationed this year.  Turns out my photo was chosen as a finalist!!  But, there's a lot of work involved in being selected as the winner and I need your help!

This is the photo I entered (one of my all time favorites)

Here's how to help!!

Please Click this Link (its on Facebook)

Then select my photo (the one above) and Vote!!  

If my photo is the winner and has the most votes I will host a giveaway for a print of this photo here on my blog to show my appreciation for all of your help.  Thank you everyone!


Kimberly said...

Wow! Congratulations! Your photo is gorgeous! I voted for you and hope you win!

Michelle said...

This is a wonderful picture, I love it.

Jacque in New River said...

I love the picture, but when I tried to vote it did nothing. I will try again later. Hope you win.

Lori said...

Beautiful picture~! I voted for you and I sure hope you win Jen.

Kristin said...

You got it!! What an amazing photo, Jen!

Mel said...

I already voted after you posted it on Facebook, but do you know if I can vote more than once?

Jen at Cabin Fever said...


You can only vote once, but if you share the link with your friends it will hopefully encourage others to vote!! :)

Stella said...

Done, great photo. Stella Ann

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