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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome Back?

So, I am back.

We all know how a work week is when you come back from vacation.  Its crazy.  Now imagine a work week coming back from vacation and immediately having to spend your entire week doing twelve hour days due to the annual state survey of your nursing home.  If you can't imagine what that is like let me explain it a little for you...  its about as stressful as you can imagine.  

But, survey is over.  

It went well.  

And now its Friday.  

Where did the week go?  

In all honesty I don't care, because after just one week like this one I already need a vacation.  Bless the Julian Calendar and United State's official holidays that this weekend is Labor Day weekend and I get one extra day of down time.  

If you can call a weekend packed with a concert, a house warming party, and a trip to the Champlain Valley Fair as down time.  Maybe somewhere in there I will be able to compose a few posts about the trip and a few other things I have been meaning to write about, but I have yet to barely sort through my photos or think about the things I can share, like how I learned about traveling with a toddler, getting sand everywhere, realizing I'm not half bad at golf, taking some amazing photos, petting a wild horse, becoming addicted to caramel popcorn, and finding time to run every single day of the week. 

Nothing beats running on the beach early in the morning, let me tell you.  

Now back in Vermont I do miss the beach, but my mom has already reserved another week at the insanely awesome condo where we stayed this year.  As my barely visible tan already begins to fade into the New England whiteness that I perpetually am the next 350 days cannot go fast enough. 


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