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Monday, August 6, 2012

11 Months

Let me take a moment to say one thing....

How the heck is my baby eleven whole months old?!  It seems like she was only so briefly a little sack of potatoes that squeaked when I carried her around.  Now she is a role-poly baby that has a bigger sense of adventure than Gulliver and his Travels.  

If I could describe Emily in one word at this juncture it would be "active".  Even when I hold her, which these days she does not prefer, she is wriggling and writhing as much as possible.  She is always on the go and into about everything she can manage.  Heck, she doesn't even go to bed without a fight and a good cry.  Its as if she is afraid to miss out on something and surrender to sleep.  I have no idea if such a high energy level is normal for a baby her age, but at least she has a sense of adventure!

Plus, she is miss social butterfly.  Talk, does that child talk.  Even when its just her and I on the hiking trail she is babbling away.  In the back of the car she talks at her toes.  When we are in the store she babbles at groceries and old ladies cooing at her alike.  Most of her words are nonsensical, but she is saying "Daddy", "Maaaa", and "Doggie".  She uses Daddy interchangeably with Shawn and I.  I only here "Maaaa" when she is not happy about something.

Now I need to start planning the one year birthday party!


I don't want to acknowledge that Emily is going to be a year old.  Just let me live in my denial forever, please.  


Jai Catalano said...

I totally know the feeling. My son is 3 and my daughter is 17 months in a few days. Wow it goes by fast. I created a photo a day of them both for the first year of their life. That helps remembering those days.

Suzanne Mc said...

School started in our area today. My daughter is a high school freshmen. I remember her first birthday. I still think that was just last week. My son started to jr. high. He has been the active, babbling one and has not slowed down on either of those. Enjoy every minute! I will fly by so fast!

Sharon said...

I don't know how it happens, Jen. The time just seems to fly by. I can hardly believe my oldest is 19! As they grow older the years just seem to go by quicker and quicker. Emily is still at such of wonderful age of growing though. Still learning and ever changing. That first birthday party will be a blast!

Kristin said...

Henry will be 1 next week, and his favorite word is "kitty." :-) Unfortunately, he just learned to walk and is now chasing the 21 year old kitty as he screams it. It's a fun, challenging age. I think I'll join you in denial...

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