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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Letters to Grandma

From telephones to cell phones and books to kindles so many things have upgraded over the last decade.  One thing hasn't changed, however.  I still happily write letters to my grandmother.  

Since I moved to this far corner of northern New England I've been over five hundred miles away from my family, every single one of them.  And, some of you know, I am not a big "talk on the phone" kind of person.  I have no idea why, but I despite phone conversations.  I'd much rather have them in person or via text, in some format or another.  My grandmother is the same way.  So, for the last decade she has been diligently sending me letters and I returning them.  

Whenever I pick up my mail and see a hand addressed envelope from her I smile.  Sometimes she sends me cookies.  Sometimes she sends me photos.  All the time there is a letter filled with details of her life, the weather, family updates, and even family history on people that have so many "greats" in front of their relationship to me its hard to comprehend.  

These letters are something I cherish.  I actually have started keeping them, because while they don't say much they have meaning to me and maybe will have meaning to future generations of my family who won't get to know what a selfless and lovely woman my grandmother is.  

Despite all the advances, the connectivity over wires and wireless I still prefer to pull out the stationary and pen a nice long letter to my grandmother.  Its so grounding and personal.  My hopes are that this sort of connection between people and family members won't disintegrate over time. Everyone needs to write a letter to someone, and, in turn, be excited to receive hand written envelopes in the mail. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I so agree - there is nothing better than opening the mailbox to find a wonderful hand-written letter! For years now every Monday morning I have been mailing a letter to my Aunt who lives about 8 hours away. She will be 95 in October. While she's not great about writing back - I know that my letters brighten her week - and she watches for them! I tell her the goings-on of the week, keep her up-to-date on my 19 year old son, the silly things I did (like tipping my wallet sideways in the drugstore the other day, only to discover that it wasn't zipped up - as change rolled everywhere!) - anything that I can think of that will bring a smile to her face and some sunshine to her day. Sometimes it's just those little things we do - like write a note or a letter - that can make all the difference to someone! Take care, Jen - love your blog!! Thanks for taking the time to share your life in the most beautiful place in the world with us - you spread sunshine!!

Suzanne Mc said...

Those letters will be a beautiful treasure! Keep them all!

Kristin said...

I still write letters. I still write out all my thank you notes. I know it always makes people happy to get something in the mail that isn't a bill, so I try to put out the effort when I can. :-)

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