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Monday, July 2, 2012

It Wasn't Teething

So I was wrong. It wasn't teething. Well, she still might be teething, but how she was acting last week wasn't due to that. It was due to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

Halfway through the day Thursday we received a call from our daycare provider that the other little girl there was just diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth. Since Emily had not been there for almost a week at that point I figured we were out of the woods. Fortunately later that afternoon Emily was already scheduled for her 9 month check-up so we could throw the information by the doctor anyway.

When the appointment came the doctor checked Emily over well. She was developmentally ahead of her game and everything, but there was one concern. As he looked in her throat it was obvious...canker sores lined the back of her throat. No wonder the poor thing was cranky!

Yup... It was hand, foot, and mouth.

The doctor told us to simply treat her fever, if she had one, and let the illness ride out its course. He at least reassured us that it was a common childhood disease and she would soon get over it. But, she wasn't teething, or at least that wasn't her main concern right now.

So, several days later we are still without teeth, but all symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth are gone. She never even developed a rash on her palms or feet, which sometimes the child doesn't. Emily is her normal, happy self and back to eating everything in sight.

Except fish sticks.... apparently they aren't interesting enough to even stay awake to eat!


Erin said...

Glad to hear Emily is doing better! I have a question that's totally off the subject. I have a 9 month old who has five teeth and I am still giving him mostly pureed baby food. How did you get through the early stages of introducing chunky foods to Emily, especially knowing she has no teeth? You mentioned fish sticks, so it seems like she is eating all kinds of stuff with no teeth and is doing fine with it. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

Christine Ferguson said...

Hand, Foot and Mouth is going around at our daycare too. Our friend's daughter had it last week. We're hoping Noah (our 4-month old) manages to evade it!

I'm glad to hear that Emily is feeling better. From what I've seen, Hand, Foot and Mouth looks absolutely miserable. :(

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Hi Erin! To be honest Emily just didn't have a lot of interest in being spoon fed. I started feeding her puffs/cheerios as a snack and just introduced new things from there, like bananas, soft/boiled carrots, etc. Sometimes she liked what I gave her and sometimes no. But, she really liked feeding herself with her fingers. Just experiment and see what works for you. :)

Kristin said...

Poor baby! I'm glad she's feeling better. :-)

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