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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Holiday Weekend in the Kingdom

Nothing makes a week seem longer than waiting for it to end so I can spend it up in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom.  When my work week finally ends (and boy did it have an awful end... but I won't dwell on this at the moment) nothing is more soul-filling than riding on the windy roads with the wind down as we approach Island Pond.  I swear there isn't a sweeter place on Earth to be, but then again, I am bias and, more importantly, have only been to about 66% of the United States.  There still may be somewhere else awesomer out there. 

This past weekend the whole family, including the dogs, packed up several days worth of toiletries and clothes and headed north.  Thankfully Shawn's mother and father gladly took us all in and fed us, of course.  They also provided baby sitting periodically so we could do things that weren't so baby friendly.  Much of the weekend was spent there as if we had never left.  We walked around town, talked with old friends, hung out by the lake, and had a cookout while sitting on coolers and lawn chairs just like the days before we moved south.  

We also visited our land, four wheeled, fly fished, watched parades and fireworks, and took a trip to the Connecticut Lakes.  I basically try to cram as much stuff into a weekend up there as possible, so it tides me over for the next few weeks until I can visit again.  

The whole time Shawn and I dream about what it will be like when we can finally afford to actually do something with our land.  Maybe purchase a tractor, build a little camp or place to stay, and really start doing some work to the landscape.  There are so many dreams and its fun to think them all up. 

I think I have posted a lot recently about the land and up north... can you tell I really miss it?  

So, enough about the land and such...

Here are some photos from the weekend!

The start of the Fourth of July parade.  I've always been in it... never watched it!

Parade candy!  -- and the last time I leave the house without wipes to combat the stickiness!

Walking around town at sunset, just like when we lived there. 

Golfing with my husband and brother in-law at a sort-of-secret 9 hole course!

Sitting on the lake as the sun sets... waiting for the fireworks to start!  First time as a spectator for this show. 


Solomon's Porch said...

I feel your love for "home" , it looks to be an amazing place...I can understand your longing to be there....

MarieElizabeth said...

Great shots! Looks like you had a fun trip. Glad to hear it!

brandilicious said...

I know where that secret golf course is! We vacation in that area every year and we cracked up when it was first opened. We took the carts for a spin (putting our money in the honor box). Gorgeous views! I'm excited to go back up there in a few weeks.

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