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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As Emily nears the ten month mark she still has her gorgeous gummy baby smile. While most babies sprout a tooth around the six or seven month mark I am not nervous about her delay. According to my mother I rocked a toothless smile until I was almost a year and a half. It's clear that when it comes to my daughter's dentition there is no timeline thanks to genetics.

But... I think that teeth may be on the horizon.


Well a slightly feverish, screaming baby gumming everything one minute and then throwing things the next is a good indication. I think. While nothing has budded through the surface and I have no experience knowing what pre-teething symptoms really are like I have a hunch that this is it.

Or else Emily is getting some sort of summer cold.

Either way, lots of snuggling is going on.


Sharon said...

It can be quite miserable for sure. I just know that my girls loved the cold teething rings. Occasionally I had to use tylenol or something to rub on their gums but both my girls teethed late. Hopefully Emily will feel better soon! said...

A miserable feverish baby is always the sign of a teething baby! My girls always spiked fevers and had a loss in appetite. Our go to "teething ring" was always a cold wet washcloth! Easiest for little hands to hold! Hope Emily is feeling better soon! :)

Joslinda said...

Poor little Emily. Teething hurts. The blessing is, Teething children forget the pain as soon as the teeth start coming in. With my three children, I did the wet washcloth thing as well. As the little teeth broke through, the gel teething ring broke with my babies. Gooey gel in their mouth = panicked mommy {me}. I would wet it, place it in a zip lock baggie and put it in the back of the refrigerator {seemed to stay coldest there} and during the painful teething posses, they would chew on the washcloth. Be sure to switch out the washcloth as you hand it to her, one should be cooling as one is being used; so she has one when ever she needs it. Best of luck to Mommy and baby Emily through this growing stage.

Smile Steady said...

Awww, sweet thing. Abe got his first two the week he turned 6 months. I could have sworn he was about to get them for a couple of weeks before, but the day they came I swear it was a not-there-one-minute, there-the-next kind of thing.

Mel said...

Yes, sounds like teething! And it's only the beginning, sorry to say it. :( Anything cold always helps. When my kids would stop eating I would give them cold fruit or veggies out of the fridge. It always helped the teeth not hurt as bad, and a hungry, teething baby is always worse than just a teething baby. Also, Hylands teething tablets have been a life saver. Especially at bed time. I usually find them by the vitamins. Best of luck. Enjoy the snuggling, that's the best part of teething.

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