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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sippy Cup Battle

I've had a lot of things hard with becoming a mom. It was nearly seven months before we saw a six hour stretch of sleep, battles with GERD, illnesses, and numerous trips to the doctors. Fortunately, and finally, something in parenthood has come easy...

The sippy cup.

We have been bottle free for two weeks now. Cold turkey. I'm amazed. Without much effort Emily decided to just start using the sippy cup without a second thought. I'm not questioning it, have gone with her flow, and not offered her a bottle either.

It's a small victory, but I'm celebrating it!


Rachel said...

Congrats on a fun milestone! She looks like she loves her sippy and doesn't want to look back. I love all of her hair!

Joslinda said...

Yay Emily. What a super job with the bottle breaking. I agree, is she isn't asking or suggesting toward the bottle, don't offer it. i am so excited for you Jen!! And every time I see a photo of Emily, is just looks bigger and bigger. Love that hair!!!

Kristin said...

Wow, she's gotten to be such a grown up girl! We are having the sippy battle here, and it's not that he doesn't like the sippy. It's that he can't coordinate the whole tipping/sipping thing. Pretty amusing to watch, actually. :-)

Colleen Sullivan said...

Congratulations! She looks so happy with her cup :) What a big girl!

Mel said...

Yeah! In my few experiences with parenting, no victory is small. You deserve one that came so easily!

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