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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Stand Up Gal

Holy cow. It's been three quarters of a year since little miss Emily graced this world with her presence. I am elated to see her grow, but anxious that it's happening so fast.

It's been one "first" after the other. I can hardly celebrate one milestone before she reaches the other! From crawling to talking and now standing, all in the matter of a couple of weeks! I am sure she will be taking her first official steps in a few weeks at the rate we are going.

Now excuse me while I go watch videos of her from nine months ago and attempt to remember just how tiny and helpless my peanut was!


Rachel said...

Love the moose shirt! So cute! She looks like she is doing well.

Sheilagh said...

It is true you blink a couple of times and they are grown. Enjoy these times, she will be going away to college shortly:0)

Joslinda said...

I couldn't have said it better Sheilagh, Jen.. Don't Blink. I love seeing pictures of Emily, and when you post videos of her; it is a super treat. Soak it up Jen, it goes by so quickly.

Aaron Lindsey said...

Adorable! Take lots of pictures while you can. I wish we had more of our kids before they decided they didn't like having their pictures taken!

Junie said...

It feels like the baby shower was just yesterday! She's so beautiful Jen! Enjoy the moments!

Mel said...

Aww! How sweet she is!

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