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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am Still Doing Photo Shoots

Oddly, without any advertising or putting myself out there people are coming to me, seeking me out, asking me to be their photographer.  Whether its a new baby or a senior capturing a moment to be immortalized in the yearbook I've been asked to do a lot and its been humbling.  

And the shoots still continue.  

I just did a newborn shoot a few weeks ago...

And in another few weeks I will be doing an engagement photo shoot on the lake that I am really excited about.  

Part of me wonders if I could possibly make photography a career.  What if I put more time into making my landscape photos framed and prepared to sell in stores?  What if I advertised and put together actual packages for photo shoots?  What if I offered classes and photo walks for novices to become more comfortable with their cameras?  Those are all things that I have thought of, but just haven't ever taken that next step to accomplish.  Everything I have done so far has been by the result of luck and word of mouth.  

I often wonder how one decides to go from amateur to professional to career.  I find myself somewhere between the first two.  And while I love my career (see my last post)  I can't help, but wonder what it would be like to have my own schedule and spend my day with my camera.  The moments with my camera are so Zen that I get butterflies thinking about what it would be like to be a career photographer, to have my photos published in a book, to have a studio.  

Perhaps if I hold onto my thoughts and dreams long enough I can weave it more into my life without having to make a leap and give up my hard earned nursing career.  I've always been a person who does a whole heck of a lot simultaneously... fortunately.  

But for now, I'm still doing photo shoots.  And that's about as far as I have planned.


Homesteading Pilgrim said...

I understand completely. I've taken pictures for years just because I find it relaxing and fun. But now the thoughts of selling my prints and making a business out of it have been stronger and stronger. I also have alot going on in my life as well and have interest in many things, but really feel it's time to test the waters with my photography. Keep us updated on what you decide. I'm interested in how you go about this as well.

Joslinda said...

Jen, your photos are Art. What you capture looking through the lens, is priceless. Only a few people can see what you see through the camera. I love when you post your photos. Seeing Vermont through your lens, has me longing to live there.

Solomon's Porch said...

I love your photography...your pictures are amazing! Don't ever let it go......just saying!

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