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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last weekend was the famous Quechee Balloon Festival. It's quite the event for this area, well any area... After all, it's not everyday where you have the chance to see a dozen or two hot air balloons inflate right in your backyard. Naturally my camera and I weren't going to miss it.

A year ago I was very pregnant standing in a golf course, that is now ravaged from Hurricane Irene, patiently waiting to photograph the balloons. That one free evening I had they never launched. I pouted, but vowed that next year I would be sure to get the photos I had hoped for.

Flash forward to this year and my bad luck still continued. The first morning of the balloon launch I woke up early, dodged traffic, and found a wonderful spot on a mist covered pond to watch the balloons. Unfortunately, my memory card for my camera was left behind. Round 1 was a failure for photos. Later that evening I packed up Emily and brought her with me, along with my memory card, to a hill top location where we had a perfect view of the festival. Emily sat in the tall grass and waited patiently for two hours, but the conditions weren't right for a launch. No balloons or pictures that time.

Finally, the third time was the charm. I woke up exceptionally early, grabbed Emily, and headed to our spot in the field. We saw two dozen balloons inflate and take off. While Emily didn't really take much notice I was finally able to get several photos. Then I hopped in my car and "chased" after them in search of their landing spot.

The whole adventure lasted just under an hour, but it was worth it to finally see them go up and get some photos!


Dianne @ My Southern Heart said...

Great photos! I love hot air balloon festivals.

Junie said...

They are awesome, Jen!

pookiepantry said...

Same thing happened to me, only at the Howell Balloon festival here in Michigan. We sat there all day, but the weather got progressively worse and the balloons never launched :-( You got some great shots though!

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos and looks like a wonderful balloon festival. I'm glad the third time was a charm.

Suzanne Mc said...

I'm glad you were finally successful. Love the photos. I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes to photograph something and finds I've left my memory card!

Christine Ferguson said...

Beautiful photos!

T.J. said...

swinging by from pioneer woman- had a quick photography question to look up, and saw your link. Of course, since I live in southern vermont, I just had to come over and say hi! Your photography is wonderful- so digging the balloon festival photos- everyone around here talks about it, but I've yet to attend.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lovely photos!! Those balloons are huge! Glad you finally caught it. :)

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