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Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's been happening quietly. We haven't talked much about it, except one post a while back. But, tomorrow Shawn and I are leaving work early, dropping Emily off at her aunt's house, and then heading off to sign papers on a little piece of land.

We will own part of a mountain tomorrow afternoon! It's really happening. While we don't own the geographical peak both Shawn and I think we own the best part of the mountain. There is a pond, magnificent ATV trails, nice sloped pasture land, and gorgeous views from west to east.

Thanks Emily for your birth, because the tax return we received enabled us to do this. You're going to have one heck of a playground! And I feel better knowing that you'll get to grow up with part of you in the wilderness of the North East Kingdom!


Christina Newman said...

How beautiful and what a great way of looking at it.

Solomon's Porch said...

I am so very happy for ya"ll, the property looks beautiful....

Rachel said...

So happy for you!

Ms Life said...

Beautiful, beautiful piece of land. Congratulations!

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