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Thursday, May 3, 2012

My X Chromosome Won

Everyone wonders who their child looks like more.  Both my parents and Shawn's parents coo over how Emily looks just like myself or Shawn when he was little.  I smile and think how endearing it is to find a glimpse of your own family's genetic legacy in future generations.  Often over the last several months I have wondered who Emily looks like and who she will grow up to resemble.  Its especially intrigued me since I can't really pinpoint which parent I myself resemble and seem to be a genetic mesh-mash.

Then the other day I happened to come across one of my baby photos where I was near the same age as Emily is now and realized something striking.  We look pretty darn identical, at least in our infancy.   See for yourself...

Isn't it uncanny?  Except for my birthmark (which is gone now) we are almost the same baby.  Now to be fair I don't have a photo on hand of Shawn in his infancy to share, but he doesn't really resemble her in the least in her baby photos.  Still, now when I hear people compare her to Shawn I just smile.  Its definitely my X chromosome that won with Emily. 


Misty Dawn said...

Yup! She definitely looks just like you!

Dianne said...

I agree! She looks totally like you!

Kristin said...

She's all you!! My husband and I each have one kid who looks more like us. My oldest son has my skin tone, my blue eyes, my fair hair. My youngest son is the exact copy of my husband, down to the odd shade of hazel eyes. My mother-in-law handed me a picture of my husband when he was a baby, and it was downright creepy how much our youngest looks like him. :-)

Junie said...

She is spitting image of you Jen! Two beautiful ladies!!

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