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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweets of the Week

While most of my days are the same there is always a pile of good things that stand out.  This week is no exception.  Sometimes I think my life is pretty darn dull.... apparently its not that dull. 

1.  I continue on the weight loss track.  Another couple of pounds down...  the total stands at 8lbs in five weeks!

2.  Shawn and I went out for a drive with a sleeping and dressed in pajamas Emily only to get a little off course and end up a good hour from home.  I may or may not have been navigating....  at least the ride was scenic!

3.  I sold thirteen necklaces to a few people at work!  Now I have to make some more, one of which I will give away on here very very soon!

4. A friend gave me an old, torn, and scribbled on photo to try and correct.  It was the first photo editing I've done in a while, probably over a month, and it turned out great. 

5. The financing for the land continues and looks to be lining up the way it should.  All our paperwork is done, at least.  Once everything finalizes we stand to close on everything in mid-May. 

6. I went to the movies, something I rarely ever do, and saw the Hunger Games.  It was great to have a few hours out to see it, but I will say the book was better. 

7.  Emily is seven months old!  She's really trying to move, but hasn't quite figured it out. 

Don't worry... I don't let her try and wobble around the couch.  She doesn't have much get up and go... yet!


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