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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Only Reason I Love Turkey Season

After the snow has melted and the world begins to turn green my husband begins to dream of beards and Toms. That's turkey lingo if you aren't familiar.

Personally I loathe Turkey season. It's dangerous. I've been on ambulance calls where a hunter is shot because another hunter mistook him for a turkey. It's easy to do. Lots of inexperienced and over eager hunters "stalk" turkey calls made by another hunter thinking they are chasing a real turkey only to end up finding, and every once and a while shooting, another hunter. No one wears blaze orange like other seasons due to the turkey's great eye sight, which only increases the risks of getting shot. When Shawn heads out I spend all morning worrying, not about him, but about those unknown hunters who might mistake him for a Tom.

But, there is one thing I do like...

The pre-season prep means lots of hiking and walking through the woods, and there's nothing I like more than some quality time outdoors. Add in burning some calories and I'm ready to go. So, as part of preparing Shawn, Emily, and I hit the trails. Shawn is concerned with looking for turkey sign and occasionally using a turkey call. Me, I have Emily strapped to my back and camera in my hands as I plod along the trails. While we may not always find turkeys we always seem to end up somewhere scenic.

Emily LOVED the hike.  My back, not so much. 

We ended up in a clearing with spectacular views

Nothing beats feeling like you are on top of the world.  (that's Shawn in the right corner)

And that is why I love turkey season.


Amy said...

You need a hiking pack for miss Emily! My husband packed both of our boys around in one when they were little. Lots of scouting for hunting, etc. Your back will thank you!

Anonymous said...

I second the back pack! I don't think that carrier is meant to be facing backward off your back.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Yes, that carrier might not be ideal (or designed for) for the back, but I had to turn it around about 15 minutes into our hike if I was going to save my back. Its the only carrier I have at the moment... I definitely plan on investing in a legitimate hiking pack now, though!

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