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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not so Proud Mom Moment

I am learning that motherhood equals a lot of not-so-proud moments, like the one I experienced the other night in a store...

It was late evening.  Emily was slightly cranky, but managable and we were in a sporting goods store looking for a turkey call.  I should clarify that it was more of a 'Shawn was looking for a turkey call' while I carried Emily around the store.  Her and I played airplane, looked in the mirrors in the clothing section, and just wandered around looking at different, colorful merchandise.  Everything seemed to be copacetic. 

Then, out of nowhere, Emily began a quite unhappy baby.  Shawn gave me a look that indicated he had not yet found the perfect turkey call and didn't want to abandon his mission.  I sighed and began to head toward the front of the building in search of a hasty and dignified exit. if exiting a store with a screaming and writhing child in your arms can be dignified.  A few of the other customers in the store stared from behind clothing racks and shelves as I passed and couple women gave me a sympathetic glance. 

Suddenly, as I was switching arms with Emily, since she is heavy and over sixteen pounds right now, to my horror she decided to spit up.  White formula straight from Emily's stomach landed on my shoe and on the white linoleum floor.  I had no way of cleaning up either spot at that moment.  Emily continued to cry and struggle in my arms, so, as if trying to not miss a beat, I continued to walk out of the store with a half dollar size of spit-up left on the store floor. 

I met no employee on my trek out the door, no one to tell about the spit up on the floor.  Emily continued to cry well after I reached the car.  Changed diaper, bottle, toy, cuddle, nothing consoled her.  In exasperation when Shawn arrived after purchasing the perfect turkey call we headed down the road back towards home.  We were rewarded with an hour long drive of an inconsolable and screaming baby. 

The only thing that sparked a smile during the entire ride was when I looked down at my shoe and saw the little spot of spit-up.  I remembered that there was another blob still on the floor in the sporting goods store.  Oops.  

Can't believe this little face would be so cranky can you? Ha.  :)


ain't for city gals said...

lol...this reminds me of something that happened 27 years ago. I had my niece (light of my life) with me shopping...she was about 3 years old. She had to "pee"....well we didn't make it to the bathroom. She was sitting in the shopping cart....I just picked her up and headed to the door...never looking back. Hugged her all the way to the car. Not one of my proudest moments either..She is now a lawyer..ha!

Suzanne Mc said...

Those kind of moments happen! Smile and move forward.

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