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Monday, March 26, 2012

Tradgedy Close to Home

It was all over the news.  People across the state were waiting for updates all day.  A young woman, a teacher who attended the same college I did, was missing.  Her two year old son was found sitting in her car on the side of the road alone.  Signs of a struggle were near her parked and running vehicle, but she was nowhere to be found. 

All day facebook, twitter, and news websites were abuzz with thoughts and hopes towards her safe return.  She was an well known woman who had significant ties to the community and a deep love for her son.  Late in the evening in the middle of the television news cast the anchors broke the news.  As they announced that the woman's body was found the reporter choked back tears.  Her body was found in a neighboring town along side a rural road. 

My heart broke.  I hurt for her young son who witnessed his mother's struggles right outside the car.  I hurt for the community who lost a great teacher, and I hurt for her family who I am personal friends with.  The woman's aunt and uncle are long time friends of my husband and I on one of the rescue squads we've been members of for a good decade.  The woman's father and his family rents our second hunting camp, which sits 50 yards from ours, and is an ever funny and wonderful fixture every November when we host a big feast of game meat that's followed by drinks. Her family is loving, kind, and treats everyone like they belong at their dinner table. 

The amount of tragedy around this story is incredible.  I feel compelled to do something, especially for the little boy who will never remember his mother.  Lord knows what he saw as his mother struggled, but I pray none of it is engrained in his psyche in anyway. 

So, as a small gesture, I am going to make a personal donation towards her memorial and her son.  If you would like to contribute (you are in no way obligated) then please click the donation button.  You can contribute any amount you'd like no matter how small and I will add it to my donation in name of 'Bloggers for Melissa'.

If you'd like to read some of the news stories about it then please view the links below.
Body Discovered and Press Conference Video 
ABC National News Report
Community's Reaction


Fire Wife Katie said...

Oh how heartbreaking!! :*( My thoughts and prayers are with her family. That poor child!!

Suzanne Mc said...

I thought about you when I read the story yesterday. It is amazing how close you really are to the situation. Our prayers are with this family in their time of such tragic loss. I truly hope the child is too young to know or remember what took place.

Mrs. H said...

That gives me chills...this world we live in today is a very evil place!
Praying for her family and friends.

Sharon said...

Jen, this is a horrible tragedy. I've been looking at the updates online but so far they aren't saying much. I tend to think it must have been someone she knew, but maybe not. Her family must be beyond devastated : (

Misty Dawn said...

Such a terrible tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to the family.

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