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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweets from the Week

It has been a very busy week, if you cannot tell from my absence in posting.  Also, I am finding that blogging isn't really fitting into my everyday life anymore.  While I love typing stories and sharing what goes on as often as I can its definitely not the same sort of hobby it used to be.  Emily is taking up the space that blogging once had, both in posting and following others' blogs.  I'm not giving up my blog, but its definitely something that is much less frequent in my life right now for many reasons.  My glass is so full its overflowing, but I don't mind.  Life's pretty awesome as it is.

1. I am finally feeling completely better!  Yay for augmentin. It really did the trick and now I am feeling amazing. 

2. I've lost a total of seven pounds in the month of March! Its the first weight I've been able to lose since Emily's birth.  There's still a long way to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am down one pant size already. 

3. Emily is ready to move!  She wants to get farther than her reach so badly.  When something is just beyond her grasp she hasn't quite figured out what to do yet and it makes her frustrated.  I love seeing her tackle these little challenges.  Maybe by Easter she will be starting to scoot or crawl!  

4. We have a new lawn mower!  Shawn's dad gave us an old riding lawn mower that works perfectly.  We are so thankful, because at the end of last summer our push mower decided to cease functioning.  If you know me or have been around this blog for a while you'll know that's nothing unusual for Shawn and I. 

5. Work has been going wonderfully.  I am thoroughly loving my job, more than I actually thought I ever would.  My new boss is great to work with and he is helping implement some new nursing measures that are really taking off.  Its great to really want to go to work.  (Although I'd always rather be spending time with my peanut!)

6.  Shawn and I have looked into purchasing some land back up north where our cabin used to be!  Actually, its about a mile, if not closer, to where we used to live.  A deal has been struck on 34 acres and we are in the process of securing financing for it.  Its our "retirement plan".  We've explored the land extensively.  Its gorgeous, scenic, has great views, great 4 wheeler trails, and even a pond.  Cross your fingers for us!  
That's our 4 wheeler halfway up the steep part of the land.  Look at the view!

7. Here's a picture of the moon, Jupiter, and Venus on the way home the other night, just because.


Hydrant girl said...

Yeah for country living again!!

Sharon said...

I'm glad things are going so well, Jen! Life definitely does take over once a child comes into the picture. There just isn't much 'me' time left, especially if you're working. Congrats on the weight loss! I know that can be difficult. After both of my girls were born I barely ate anything. The exhaustion just seemed to drain my appetite.

Have a good week! Emily is getting cuter all the time!!!! She'll be crawling before you know it : )

Mrs. H said...

Glad you feel better! Way to go on your weight loss...I've been working hard at it and it's coming off slowly (I guess I want things instantly!)
Emily is precious!!! :) and congratulations on the land!

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