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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Mom's Birthday

No one ever told me that once you have a baby your birthdays will be different.  Apparently, when you become a mother and they tell you everything changes they mean it.  Even Birthdays won't be the same.  Mine, which was yesterday, definitely wasn't.  

Things weren't different, because of something I did or didn't do.  Things were just different because...

Because once you have a baby you just don't matter that much anymore.  

Its true.  I've been concentrating on Emily's milestones and monthly anniversaries that when my own birthday was coming close I nearly forgot about it all together.  Years in the past I have practically made a national holiday out of my birthday.  I'd take a day off work, get boat loads of cards and presents in the mail, celebrate it doing something big and extravagant with Shawn lie a fancy dinner.  

This year was a lot different.

Instead of taking off work I just went to work like it was any other day.  While my awesome coworkers made me feel special by singing to me several times and tying balloons to my chair it was still a pretty regular work day.  There were no gifts to open, just a baby to play with when I came home.  Shawn did make me a banana cake, but I didn't really ask for anything else.  I honestly couldn't think of a single thing I'd possibly want or need.  Instead of a fancy dinner together we drove around while Emily napped and then bought a couple subs to eat when we got home.  My night was spent watching the Bachelor finale and eating a wonderful Italian Sub once Emily went to bed.  

And you now what? 

I actually prefer my birthday like it was and that's what matters.  Apparently being a mom gives you a whole new set of preferences, too.  All the pomp and circumstance doesn't seem to matter anymore once you have someone else to celebrate over!

Twenty Seven?  Does it really matter?  Bah....   Then again, I may be rethinking those words as I reach 30.  Eeep! 


Kristin said...

There once was a time when I would celebrate my birthday with a lavish vacation or a big gift or a fancy dinner. The older I get, the more I prefer to hide under the bed and pretend 30 isn't staring me down. And NOTHING will compare to your daughter's birthdays. :-) That's a whole new level of fun! Even if you keep it small, letting a kid dig into a cake will bring so much joy.

UrbanTerp said...


It sounds like you had a great birthday and enjoyed it very much! That's what matters! However, I have to disgaree with your assertion that a baby changes your birthday into a low-key affair. Rather, I think it is because of having responsibilities and changes in your priorities. This year for my birthday I went to work and school, hosted two student events, had free pizza for my dinner and had one margarita when I got home at 9pm... and, like you, I am OK with that. I just wanted to comment that a baby doesn't have to change you or your birthday, sometimes life does that one its own.

Misty Dawn said...

Happy Birthday (late)!!! I'm glad it was wonderful in it's own 'different' way!

Suzanne Mc said...

Well, happy late birthday wishes to you! Seasons of life do change. Sometimes shifts are pushed by children. They certainly do change our focus - for the better, I think. I have a friend whose mom never put much focus on her own birthday, even in her younger years. Now that she is in her 60's she makes it a huge celebration that lasts a week.

Mrs. H said...

Happy late birthday. I celebrated my birthday last month and I can say that it was very different than last year. My hubs did a great job making me feel special, but we didn't celebrate like we usually do. Things are definitely different.

The Sweetest Days said...

Yes, everything changes, and it will never be the same. But, just knowing you have a wonderful, healthy family is gift enough. So thoughtful of your coworkers to celebrate your birthday! After all, you need a little excitement. Just wait until Emily starts making you little homemade Birthday cards. Those are the best!

Happy 27th Birthday, Jen!!!!


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