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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Taste of Winter

I am going to call it.  Winter is officially over.  Its been nearly sixty degrees the past couple of days.  SIXTY!  That's just crazy.  So, its now spring.  I've given up on winter until next year.  However ridiculous this meager winter was I did get a tiny taste of it, and by taste I mean time spent out on the snowmobile trails.  

Nothing makes me miss living up north in our cabin more than having to drive an hour and a half north to snowmobile.  Just over a year ago we used to hop on our sleds right in our driveway and take off down the trail.  (our road doubled as the snowmobile trail in the winter)  We used to be able to just take a quick ride and then come home and warm up next to the wood stove.  Now its an all day affair fraught with traveling.  Add in an infant and the need of a babysitter and its a heck of a lot more difficult to fit in a snowmobile ride.

But its not impossible.

This past weekend we were able to take to the trails, as well as the weekend prior, for a couple of short rides.  By short I mean 2-3 hour stents whizzing through the wilderness on our skidoos.  Nothing gets my blood flowing and relaxes me like a ride through the wilderness with the throttle in my hand.  I guess I am weird like that.  

Not only is it relaxing, but now its even more enjoyable, because snowmobiling now means a few hours of adult time that Shawn and I get to have together.  We can fly along the trails without worrying about bottle feeds and diaper changes.  Snowmobiling now means freedom that is often scarce when you're a new parent.  Coming home at the end of a ride sore and smelling like two cycle engine oil has such an odd ability to refuel the soul. 

So now as my yard turns to mud and I pull out short sleeved shirts I'll revel in the few short moments of winter I got to experience this year.  

Small as they were they were just the little bit I needed.  


Misty Dawn said...

Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of winter. So, I'm pretty glad it was so mild this year.

The Sweetest Days said...

The trails up there are like super highways! I'm so glad the two of you were able to get out for the day.

We snowmobiled a lot when I was growing up since my parents owned a Ski-doo business. My dad probably still has at least 8 sleds in his barn that he never rides. Yup, it's a lot of fun alright but like you said, it became to much of a hassle to go so we gave it up.

You look like a 10 year old in that first picture. LOL!

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