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Monday, March 5, 2012

Half a Year

To My Little Miss Emily...

Six months ago today, on labor day, you arrived.  Its been a whole half a year since your debut in our lives and things have been forever awesomely changed.  I can't believe its been half year!  Holy cow.  Before I know it you'll be packing up your stuff and moving off to college. 

Oh, she can't stand yet.  Not unless we prop her up that is!
Every morning when I walk into your room and greet you with "Good Morning!" you pick up your head and smile an adorable toothless grin.  I've never met anyone so happy from the second she wakes up, like you are.  Mornings are the best part of your day, because by evening you're tired and cranky without fail.  I don't mind since you go to bed like a mother's dream and never give me grief when its time to fall asleep.  Speaking of sleep you have also started sleeping much better!  How I have longed for these nights where you only wake up once, if at all.  Often you lull yourself back to sleep quickly within minutes, too.  

Sitting up is your new favorite thing.  Whether its in the highchair or on the quilt with all your toys you are pleased with your new vantage point of the world in an upright position.  What's even funnier is to watch your frustration with your lack of movement.  Sometimes a toy is just barely out of your reach.  Boy does that make you mad!  I try not to laugh, but sometimes I can't help it knowing you're trying so hard to figure out the world. 

But man oh man are you growing up fast!  It seems like yesterday you were my little tiny sack of potatoes that just slept and ate and slept and ate.  Now you jabber, giggle, grab, and yell.  While I am excited for you to grow and meet new milestones I really want to keep you this tiny forever.  Please, don't grow up, okay?  Okay.  

But either way Emily, even if I can't pause time, no matter how big you get you're stuck with us!


Mrs. H said...

So Sweet! I have that same highchair!

Misty Dawn said...

So sweet! Happy 6 months, Emily!

Dianne said...

She's soooo cute! My little granddaughter Maggie will be 6 months on March 7th. Amazing how fast they grow!

MarieElizabeth said...

I can't believe how fast that time has gone by! She looks like she's ready for trouble.

Hydrant girl said...

She's as cute as ever.

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