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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Everytime I Work in an Ambulance

Perhaps I should have had more shifts at the rescue squad this winter.  Without fail every single time I have worked it has snowed, and not just a little bit.  This morning at the end of my shift when I woke up from my short night's sleep after a few calls I was surprised with half a foot of snow.  

This is one of the old ambulance.  We don't keep the in service ones outside. :)

For the record I've become quite proficient at navigating the snows with an ambulance, too.  Its not an option to suck at driving on unplowed roads in the middle of the night.  Although I have parked at the bottom of impassable driveways I dared not attempt and hoof it in.  I'd rather avoid, though, that since walking with all that equipment and probably walking uphill is not exactly a fun time.  Last night none of that was necessary, thankfully.  

Instead of trudging through mountains of snow I got to experience a good half hour of the "flying through space" screen saver while driving to the hospital.  Its the most mind numbing driving experience to drive in snow like that.  Add in flashing lights and its even more annoying.  Thank god I don't have a migraine condition. 

View from across the road at the Rescue Station

Then, after I managed a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep, I awoke to find winter again. 

Wasn't it just 60 degrees the day before yesterday?


Glyndalyn said...

Very beautiful.

kittyhere said...

Love the photograph. It makes me homesick for the Upper Valley (even though I'm only 70-77 miles away!)

MarieElizabeth said...

You need to sell that second shot, so amazing!

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