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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daycare Dilemma

I am not sure how often this happens to people, but this morning I had quite the surprise with my daycare. It was a normal morning like any other where I was cutting time close, but quite behind, not yet. Fortunately my Tuesday through Thursday daycare provider is only two miles from our home so I can cute time pretty close and still be okay.

So, I pulled into the driveway and walked up to the door like any old morning where we had scheduled daycare (Emily only goes when Shawn works day shifts during the week). on any normal morning I just open the door and walk into her house where I am greeted by the early morning ruckus of toddlers. This particular morning, however, I was instead greeted by a random guy I didn't recognize half asleep on the couch. No toddlers or daycare provider in sight.

I must have looked stunned and confused with my baby in one arm and a diaper bag in the other, but still the scruffy guy with bed head waited for me to talk. Who the heck is he? I wondered. Instead I asked where the woman who watches Emily was.

"Oh, they are in North Carolina for a family emergency. Didn't she call you?" the couch surfer casually said.

I just stared blankly for a second back at him as it soaked in. Not here? North Caroline? What? Obviously no one called me since I was standing there with a baby when there was no day are to be had. Somehow I did my best to hide my frustrations and headed back out the door.

What the heck was I to do now? Work started in five minutes and I had to go to a conference with my boss in just over half an hour. Crap.

I had one card to play, my Monday through Friday daycare provider. I could call her and see if she would take Emily. After some serious begging she agreed to take Emily despite having a hectic day with many children already. Normally there's no openings on Wednesdays. Today she made an exception.

After scrambling across town to my other daycare provider I was already receiving messages from work wondering where I was. It was just one minute after the normal start of my work day. They apparently don't give me a large margin of error!

In the end I somehow managed to only be fifteen minutes late for work and I found a suitable back up daycare on a moments notice. To be honest I was quite proud. It at least dulled the sting of no notification regarding the regular daycare provider. At least a phone call would have been nice! And I am left wondering if anyone else has ever had something similar happen or if I just am a sucker for life's anomalies?


Tracy Anne said...

My son is a year and a half. We've never ran into that issue with our daycare lady. She has a dry erase board on her door. She posts her days off there, up to two months in advance. She tries to give us more notice than that if she's going to be gone for more than a day. I'd try to find a back-up sitter just in case it happens again.

SharleneT said...

My children's back-up was her next door neighbor, and that was the only one I ever used. My BFF, who lived across the country, had day care problems that were a nightmare of going through almost 13 caretakers before she finally stopped working until both children were in school and her neighbor would watch them until she got home. Everyone's experience is different, I think. But, at least, now, there's more regulation. So sorry about the no-contact. That's inexcusable with phone messaging so available.

Mary said...

No way, that's irresponsible and inexcusable, even in an emergency! It would make me wonder what else was going on when I wasn't around. I used to be a preschool teacher and I've seen how much the quality of care can vary. You might want to start checking on some other options for Emily, as I would be hesitant to trust this daycare again.

Suzanne Mc said...

When my children were that age I chose a small daycare rather than a care giver keeping a couple of children in her home. With the daycare being a business with multiple employees I never had the experience of showing up and their doors being closed. I had already watched my friends having to juggle their children around as their child's care giver had personal emergencies to tend to (doctor appointment, funerals, etc.) and I knew that is not the experience I wanted to have. My children still received excellent care, but just in a more structured setting, and structure was good for a working mom like me. I hope you get this all worked out for you and little Emily. There was never a random, scruffy guy lounging on a couch in the daycare, with my children, either.

Mrs. H said...

I wouldn't take my child back, emergency or not, a phone call whould have been nice! I've never had a single problem with our daycare, there are better providers out there Jen!

Dianne said...

I've never heard of such an irresponsible child care provider! Think I would definitely be finding someone else to take care of your sweet little one. She could have called you from a cellphone on the way to North Carolina! That's totally unacceptable.

JenMarie said...

I've never had anything like that happen, weird! I'd be kinda freakin out.
Good thing you were able to find back up. I have always had a couple of back ups just incase, since I was a single mom for quite a while. You have to have help ready. I'm now married to my own wonderful fireman! We're lucky ladies!

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