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Monday, March 19, 2012

Babyless in Boston

Finally Shawn and I had a day completely to ourselves since Emily's arrival.  Thanks to both his mother and my mother we were able to take a trip to Boston.  It was my first time in the city (besides the bus ride we took to Fenway a few weeks before Emily was born).  It was our first hockey game.  And it was also St. Patrick's Day.  Everything went just as great as we expected. 

Early in the morning Shawn's mother arrived at our home.  Emily was bright eyed and ready to play.  Good thing her nana was too!  We then began the two hour drive south to Bean town.  My mother, for our anniversary, bought us tickets to a Bruins/Flyers game.  I in my Bruins garb and my husband in his Flyers shirt were ready for some rivalry along with some city exploration.  

When we arrived in Boston is was well before noon.  There were already lines outside the many Irish themed bars throughout the city.  People wearing ridiculous, skimpy, and hilarious green outfits were abundant.  There was definitely a culture all its own on St. Patrick's Day.  However, we didn't feel left out wearing hockey paraphernalia on such a green holiday.  There were plenty of people going to the same game we were later in the day that were roaming the streets in jerseys. 

We spent a good chunk of time exploring the Old City, where graveyards are right in the center of town.  The history was thick and all encompassing.  If we had a week we still couldn't possibly explore everything.  Instead of going inside buildings and museums we just walked the streets.  The architecture, old buildings among skyscrapers, and people dressed in colonial clothes were simply awesome.  Where else would you expect to see a Ben Franklin look alike wandering the streets giving friendly advice?  Well, besides Philadelphia I suppose. 
One of the many random bagpipers on the street in Boston

The "new" Old Cemetery in downtown Boston

Game time crept up on us.  We had to cut our city exploration short and head to TD Gardens where the game was held.  I was thoroughly impressed how clean and well designed the arena was.  Heck, even the seats were great.  They were staggered between rows so that even if a tall person sat in front of me they wouldn't be in my way of seeing the ice.  Fans filtered in and I got a thorough education in how dedicated Boston fans really are.  There were plenty of "you bums" yelled, even at their own team.  One thing I did learn is that Boston fans are tough.  They will even yell at their own team if they are disappointed in them. 

Pregame photo-op before the teams take the ice

In the end the Bruins pulled off a great win in overtime.  We headed out of the arena and back onto the streets of Boston where even more green people roamed the streets.  Shops and restaurants were full.  We took in the late day scenery before heading back north to Vermont and made plans to soon return.  I've never liked cities, at all, but Boston really impressed me.  Returning is definitely in our future, and we might even bring Emily next time. 

Gorgeous sunset on the way home... what a perfect end to the day


Mrs. H said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! I'm glad ya'll had really nice weather!

Lisa said...

I just took my first trip to Boston last week to see Pioneer Woman! We also live just two hours north of Boston, in VT!
While I loved visiting the city, I could never live there!

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