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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Shop Open for Business

To be honest I really have no idea where I find the time.  I am beginning to feel like a jack of all trades, too.  A few months ago, while on maternity leave, I began making a few necklaces for myself.  Whenever I wear them people compliment them to no end and finally, after some persuasion, I have made a stockpile of necklaces and opened yet another ETSY store! 

So yeah...

Not only do I sell photos, but now apparently necklaces!

See for yourself!

I am kind of excited to have this other random and crafty venture to keep me occupied in my spare time (wait... what?).  Yeah, so while Emily naps if I am not cleaning, editing photos, or updating my blog I have been making necklaces.  They are fairly simple since I don't make the pendants myself, but rather do a little handiwork and create necklaces out of these pendants I purchase using ribbon.  Its simple, pretty, and comfortable. 

The only thing that I am not impressed with is my skills of photographing my finished product.  For all the great photographs I produce I simply cannot take great photos of my necklaces.  Darn it.  Trust me, they are nice and I'd totally wear each of them myself.  In fact, I bought two of several of the pendants just so I can make some new necklaces for myself. 

My ambitions for this little venture?  I don't have any plans on being the next Lia Sophia, but at least I have something crafty and creative to do.  And who knows, maybe one or two people will actually like 'em!

3 comments: said...

Selling on etsy must be a staple for all photographers!!! Love your necklaces!!! What a fun thing to do in your spare time...although I don't know how you could have any!!! I too started an etsy shop as another side business and I absolutely love it!!!

sarah c said...

Love the necklace's. Has a vintage feel to them :) LOVE the photo of your daughte in her too cute pink suit in the snow. Also LOVE the bridge in the snow. Congrats on another photo sold.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Those are great!! you have the right idea, not making the pendants yourself. I totally got burnt out when I was trying to make everything myself. There's got to be a good balance between the effort and the benefit, sounds like you've found the sweet spot!

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