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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You're Going to Stay What You Are

A week or so ago I wrote about work, which I don't often do because of what I do for work and professionalism and such.  I wrote about how my job-title was in limbo, how a new Director of Nurses was arriving and the potential for significant changes existed.  He wanted to pick his own management team and that may or may not include me.  It was a nerve wracking feeling to say the least, especially since I knew so little about my new boss.  

Changes are never easy and its not hard at all to get caught up in the anxiety something or someone new can provoke.  As I sat in my office on the first morning of the new Director's arrival I tried to push the butterflies away.  I stared at the picture of Emily pinned next to my desk I wondered if I would ever get to actually decorate my office with more pictures or if I'd be taking them down.  When the new director did arrive I decided I would just work like I normally worked every single day and let him tell me his decision when he felt like it.  If I had it in my mind to pester him about what his plans were for me there I'd simply bring it in at an inappropriate time and make myself bad.  Sometimes silence is better than asking questions (such a hard lesson for me to learn).

As the day came to an end I hadn't heard anything related to the new Director's intentions with his management team.  He hadn't given me any sort of hints, but I figured that it would take at least a couple of days or even weeks for him to size me up and decide if I was a good Assistant Director in his mind.  Just as I was packing up my desk and getting ready to leave the new Director turned to me and said "You know you're going to stay what you are, right?"  

"Oh?" Was my simple response, because I couldn't think of anything more intelligible to say.  It caught me off guard, but a large smile soon crept across my face and my posture must have visibly improved, because he asked me if I felt better after hearing that.  A huge weight was lifted.  I could finally fully invest myself in my job and, almost more importantly, put up more pictures of Emily!

So, besides still adjusting to a five day a week job where the weekends seem too short and always too far away, work is great.  There's no more confusion.  I know exactly what my job is going to be and I am going to stay what I am. 


Rachel said...

:) Great news!

Stella said...

I knew it. Blessings. Stella Ann (another RN)

MarieElizabeth said...

Good to see your new director is getting things in order early. Also, glad you didn't have to stress too long.

Misty Dawn said...

That's GREAT news!
I'm going through similar worries right now, as we've got MAJOR changes going on where I work, and I'm in limbo. We've got a new President of the university coming it, my big boss (boss of my direct boss) is leaving and someone new coming in, and now my office partner is leaving! Believe it or not, the office partner leaving is what is affecting me most, as I do NOT want to spend 8 hours a day, five days a week, in the same room with someone I don't get along with. *sigh* As I explained it to my Hubs-"I spend more waking hours with her each week than I do with you!" I was born a worrier, and these changes are NOT helping. LOL

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